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Monday, March 06, 2006

Downloads 9 + MV collection

I'm making this post my last LWOLAP 'Download' collection. That mean, in the future, if I have any new clips of LWOLAP, I will update them to this post to make it easier for you all to access. Now, if there is no download within 2 weeks, the clips will be deleted from

First, here's a non LWOLAP related clip:

Hunan WAB promo, show clip: Watch Charmaine sing and dance! Woohoo!
credits to Baidu forum

LWOLAP episodic clips and MVs.

Important: If you have special request(s) for clips:
1. Post your request at the 'Comments' area of this post, not in the cbox.
2. Leave your name/nick or email.
3. Please give proper credits (me for the episodic clips and respective creator(s) for the MV) if re-posted elsewhere.


LWOLAP original MV: 出鞘.

Fan made MVs

1. 北斗星的爱 The Big Dipper's Love - FHL & CMY
Made by Mrs. Fo.

2. 眼泪成诗 Tears into Poem - FHL & CMY *recommended*
Made by Cheryl.

3. Forever
Made by Helen.

4. Realize
Made by GeliGuolu.

5. Moonlight Lovers
Made by Bear.

6. 灰色空间 FHL
Made by edith.

7. Eyes that smile
Made by Cheryl.

8. Fung Hang Lit - Chun Mung Yiu - Kau Chong love triangle MV.
Made by Man255dy.

9. Coral Sea.
I made this mv. For wmv version, download here.

10. 问情, instrumental MV - FHL & CMY
Made by Jo & 蝶舞涟漪.

11. 飞翼剑, instrumental MV, CMY solo show
Made by Jo & 蝶舞涟漪.

12. 覆雨翻云MV, comprising of action scenes.
Made by susan_snowrain aka 雪雨.

13. 明明深爱著你, FHL - CMY *recommended*
Made by susan_snowrain aka 雪雨.

14. Secret of the Heart
Made by Bear.

15. Instrumental MV, CMY love story
Made by Bear.

16. Instrumental MV, 多少年 *new*
Another MV made by me :)

17. LWOLAP + Yummy Yummy MV*new*
Made by Miao.

Extra: Non Charray MV

1. Bosco & Sharon, made by GeliGuolu.

2. Power & Mimi, made by Polly/

3. Raymond vs Bosco, made by GeliGuolu. *new*


Note: Clips extracted using Cyberlink PowerDVD Director. Left speaker for Cantonese, right for Mandarin.

1. FHL stabbed by GBW in episode 3-4.

2. FHL vs Pong Ban. FHL was furious that PB killed General Hui.

3. CMY first enncounter with FHL

4. Pong Ban's death scene. The longest goodbye speech...

5. CMY face was scarred due to Seung Sau's poison fruit

6. FHL saving CMY from Pong Ban

7. Instrumental - Realize flute instrumental, ending

8. FHL ambushing on Pong Ban *new*

9. CMY regretting killing FHL (drunk scene) *new*

12/3/2006 I must apologize as I was unable to transfer episode 31-32 to my pc, I can't extract the fighting scene between FHL and HP in the forest.

For older episodic clips, please search from the archives below:
Downloads 1
Downloads 2
Downloads 3
Downloads 4
Downloads 5
Downloads 6
Downloads 7
Downloads 8


Anonymous said...

Hey, just wanted to let you know that the link for the Charmaine singing and dancing clip doesn't seem to work.

Lari said...

Thanks Seh Seh! The clip with GBW stabbing FHL is so heartbreaking... I feel so sorry for FHL!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sehseh, thanks for all the clips. ^^

I was wondering though if you can upload the clip where Ray found Charmaine and her face had been scared. I saw a part of it in one of the MVs you posted. I'm just curious as to what they say to each other. Thank you!!! ^^

My name is Raine. My email address is:


Anonymous said...

oh yikes... i just read what i typed again, and i just realized i typed "scared". i meant to say "scarred". hahaha. sorry about that!


sehseh said...

Sorry abt the sing & dance clip. I already fixed the link so you can all start dl now.

Raine, I'll extract and post the clip by this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Qingwa said...

Wow Charmaine's dancing makes me want to see her in new series with Lisa Wang even more.

Thanks sehseh

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Yes, Sehseh, thanks for all the wonderful clips. I am in support of Raine's request for the upload where Ray found Charmaine with her scarred face. That was an emotional scene. Would appreciate it if you can post that clip.

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sehseh, thank q, thank q for doing such a great job......keeping us posted with LWOLAP. Can you please post the clip where PB tried to kill CMY but was saved in time by FHL. This was right after GBW telling FHL the truth about her feelings for PB.
Thanks a lot!!

lyxo said...

hi Sehseh ! i was wondering if you can update the clip the first time FHL saw CMY ...when he was searching GBW then CMY found the "smell bag" ( hung long )until FHL make the direction guide with CMY earings .... Thank you

if you can, you can make an annoucement in charmaine cinple fan when you have extract that clip ? thank you

my nick is : lyxo

so thank you again.

Anonymous said...

hi sehseh,sorry to put my request at the cbox cause i'm new to this web...sorry....i would ,ike to have the clips on lwolap where charmaine's faces was half fill with scar....thanks ang sorry!!!...

princessy gal

jen said...

Hey sehshe thanks a lot for all the info and clips on Charmaine. Could you upload the clip where CMY is fighting with PB in a yellow dress and FHL comes to save her? I just love all the fighting scenes. They're well done and not overly fake with the special effects.

prongs said...

Thanks for all your clips. I would like to request for the instrumental of the sub theme (the ending song of episode 40).

Kidd said...

Clip request:
clip of PB's dying scene. No need any additional feature. Just scene as shown in the series with the whole speech intact.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

I would liked to ask whether i can still download the Charmaine singing and dancing clip.I hope i can.Thank you

sehseh said...

Um... I beg your pardon? The download link to the clip is still working!


sehseh said...

I'll be collecting the request now and will upload on Sunday, For those who have missed this batch, don't worry you can put your request but I'll only extract the clips next week

Anonymous said...

thanks seh seh..................

Kidd said...

Thanks Sehseh.:)

lyxo said...

Hi sehsheh! thanks for the uploading..

you re gonna kill me but i have a last request !

can you upload the clip when FHL tried to hurt PB because he was gonna fight with his sifu ? he wanted to harm him most then his sifu could win...

thanks and take your time !

also maybe you can make an annoucement at charm cinple ! thank you very much

^PeAcE-* said...

thank you so much for the clips! i would like more ROTC clips. and the ROTC clip i downloaded played till 1 mins and it stopped already. is there something wrong with the clip or is it my downloading that ran into problems?

sehseh said...

Peace, maybe there's something wrong with your download, i've tried and the link still works.

Anonymous said...

Seh Seh,

I am about to write a story on LWOLAP to continue the love story of CMY and FHL on Winglin, but I don't have the time to create a picture of the story. I saw a picture on your site and decided to use it for my story. I hope that is okay if not then can you create one for my story? If yes or no then post your answer on Raymond forum "". Thanks

Helen said...

Do you have an old Ray and Charm interview in which they talked about they both like ice-cream? I think I saw the link to this interview in some sites, but I couldn't remember now. Really want to download that. I heard it is good. Just wondering if you have it or if you know where can I get it.
Many thanks!!!!!

cherrie said...

hi sehseh! can u possibly upload Fung Hang Lit's dying scene? it's in ep34. i love that scene soo much! =( makes me cry till now...thanks in advance!

sehseh said...

Cherrie, it's THERE in my Download archives. Please check all my Downloads 1-8 for the clips.

zoe said...

Hellooo...sehseh, I just wanna say a big THANK YOU for providing us all the files...

Undeniably, i Gotta say your blog is kinda great and amusing!!Whoah, way to go Seh Seh...Keep it up ^_^

Yeah, i have a request. Do u have the background music in the clip -
"10. 问情, instrumental MV - FHL & CMY *new*
Made by Jo & 蝶舞涟漪."
The background music is nice =)

Anonymous said...

do you have the clip where bosco and sharon kiss?

Anonymous said...

hihi thnz for all the clips so far...but if possible can you upload the part where chermaine's character gets poisoned by the weird fruit and raymond tried to help her but she just ends up breaking down and raymond ends up saying something like 'you've always been there for me when i needed you...just let me help you ' thnz Seh Seh !!

sehseh said...

It's clip 5 you're looking for

Anonymous said...

hi seh i was wondering if u have the clip where fhl started losing it when his sifu passed away then cmy ends up slapping him and yelling at him...i cant find it if u do have it can u tell me which page?? thank q

Anonymous said...

do u have the clip where raymond loses control and gets slapped by cmy?? and then he gets a yelling.. if u dont have the clip and u plz upload it??

sehseh said...

I'll upload all clip request this weekend.

Anonymous said...

hi seh seh
um could you upload the part where fhl and cmy go to this wine store and fhl took his anger out on the wine-seller...after that cmy slapped him and started yelling thank q seh seh

and my e-mail is

p.s and could you maybe extend the vid to the morning where cmy catches fhl fixing the table that he broke the previous night thank q very much ^^

Helen said...

Sehseh, I am organizing my LWOLAP clips and don't seem to have the CMY drinking scene - it is the scene when she thought she had killed FHL and she started drinking wine alone and thinking of her past with FHL. HAve you posted it already? If not, will you be able to post it up???

Many many thanks!

sehseh said...

I'll try to extract the scene and upload it this weekend. Do post a reminder in cbox on Friday, in case I forgot.

Anonymous said...

dear seh seh,

I was wondering if you have the mv clip of FHL & CMY with the song 美麗的神話 ? it is made by bear

if you have it, can you please let me know by email ( - send me the link or something? hope it's not too much of an inconvenience =)


hoangtuech84 said...

help me , the File not found

sehseh said...

Sorry ppl, two months ago Savefile had a major tranfer of its server and all files were gone...

You could still find dl link in Charray thread at Asianfanatics forum.

Anonymous said...

Hi there! Can I request for the LWOPAL MVs that on your blog,cuz the download link is expired and im just know this website 2.I like all that MV especially with Raymond & Charmaine but couldnt download it at your site. Beside your website look interesting with lots of cool stuffs. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

umm..can anyone tell me why all the files are not found?
sorry but...
i really really want to c the mv!!

Anonymous said...

can you reupload the mv?i really want to see it.

Anonymous said...

can you upload the mv again?

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