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Sunday, February 12, 2006

LWOLAP Downloads 4

I have uploaded some new clips. Please be patient while dl and for those who requested for re-uploads, I'll do that over the next few days because I'm a bit 'blur' today. You see, I having the pomato syndrome again. This time, I got an anti-histamine shot (around 2 hours ago) so it's causing me to feel drowsy.

Here's the archives of my past LWOLAP downloads. I've re-uploaded them to as well:

Downloads 1
Downloads 2
Downloads 3

New Clips:
Part 1: LWOLAP themesong and MV - full version.

A big thanks to Raymond Forest, which provided the clips. Both the themesong and music video are of high quality.

LWOLAP themesong - 出鞘

MV - Full Version
Credits to Fung_Cato.

Part 2: Episodic clips (Episode 15-30 in random order, some spoilers)

Note: Left speaker for Cantonese and right for Mandarin.

1. CMY was sad over the demise of her sifu and GBW.

2. FHL was happy to see CMY return. Ray's look so happy and excited :)

3. Hon Pak and his painful buttocks. Quite funny!

4. Hon Pak, Ye Yuet, Mung Yiu and Hang Lit enjoying the night view. Sweet.

5. FHL expressed his feelings to CMY by giving her the grass birds.

6. FHL gave CMY the seven gems beads as a token of his love.

7. GBW kneeling towards her sifu's corpse.

8. A lovely smile between FHL and CMY.

9. FHL revealed his identity to CMY. *newly added*

10. This week's TVB preview, episode 33. *newly added*

Part 3: LWOLAP promotional clips

1. The cast was asked to relate to their characters to themselves
Download here

2. What was their most memorable moment?
Download here

Part 4: Avatars

Part 5: LWOLAP's Ending

Thanks to Helen, who informed me of the spoilers thread at asianfanatics. I've read the chinese synopsis at Baidu, and it seems that my prediction is correct!

Warning: Major Spoilers ahead!
Ending of LWOLAP with pics

*New* More screencaps of last episode from Baidu (HP & FHL battle + ending)
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3

p.s. Episode 15-16 screencaps has been added to LWOLAP screencaps album. I've created a short cut just under the mini LWOLAP banner at the side bar.


Anonymous said...

Hey Sehseh!! I just wanted to say thank u for all the clips!!! ^^

Also i was wondering if it's just me or you can't download the clips from the links you posted? Is it a view only thing? Because whenever i click on the links windows media player would open and i would only get to view the cips and not save it.

Also, i clicked on the link to the forum to read the spoilers but the link wasn't working. (i registered thinking that that was the reason it wasn't working, but after i resgistered the site still doesn't work ><) Sorry to leave u with all the problems, but i would love to know what the ending is. So if you could please post it like how u used to (with highlighting to read the spoilers) that would be great. Anyways, thanks for reading.


sehseh said...

Hmm... seems like this is the notice I see on sendspace:

Sorry, the file you requested is not available.

All download slots assigned to your country are currently in use. Please try again later.

In order to maintain Sendspace as a free service, your country has been allocated a fixed number of download slots and free bandwidth. Certain user groups in your region are abusing Sendspace and we have been forced to make further temporary restrictions. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

I'll re-upload them to Save File tonight if the link still doesn't work. Give me a buzz if it's back on, ok?

Helen said...

Seh seh, the server is still very busy, I cannot download :( Will keep trying.
Do you know how can we save the file to our computer? The prompt didn't give me an option to save when I download the files. I have downloaded and watched some of the clips this morning. I thought I have saved it using the "file save as" in real player. Now, I can locate the file, but when I try to watch it again, it tells me "server not available". This means I haven't saved the file and still have to connect to the server, right? If not, I could just play it....

Sorry to bother you, pls. help if it is not too much trouble...

Thanks a whole bunch!!!

sehseh said...

Helen, you should be able to download it into your hard drive. When you click on it, the screen should pop out with option to either "open", "save" and "close". Choose save.

If it doesn't work, you can always "right click" the link and save to your hard drive

sehseh said...

IMO, CMY is just to calm and rational. She never act out unexpectedly. So far, there is two scenes where she showed her true emotions.

1. She ran after FHL in the street. She forget about who she was, and just ran after him, shouting his name!

2. She cried in the arms of FHL after her sifu and GBW died. Even FHL (good reaction from Ray, btw) was shocked to see her cry like that.

Helen said...

You know the chemistry between Charm and Ray is driving me crazy!! I just love the way Ray looks at Charm. So gentle, so sincere, so full of passion and care. It is so touching...
I am so happy to know that some cool guy like FHL falls head over heels for our dear Charm!!! Better yet, a happy ending!! I am too excited!

However, I must say that somehow, I still feel something lacking between them. It is not from Ray, but from Charm's side. Although the chemistry is there, when I compare the way Charm looks at Ray, I still think it is not as natural as the way Charm looks at Chilam. The sparkle is not as much. I don't know if it is because the character of CMY is more rational and calm, or Charlian is just too natural. What do you think ah???

Kenix said...

Agree with you Helen!! I had this feeling from beginning till now... 1st few eps. where Sonija & Ray were still a couple, I felt that she's more natural than Charmaine in looking at Ray, can feel the sparks... However on Charmaine's part, somehow she kinda give me a being 'forced' feeling. It's definitely different from the way Charmaine looks at her previous co-actors as compared to Ray.

Helen said...

You are probably right. when I think of it more, I do think it is related to CMY's calm character. She is suppose to be very pure and "emotionless". Charm is such a good actress, I don't think she will act like she is forced.

OMG, I don't know if I can watch epi 34, don't think my weak heart can bear with the pain of Pong Bang dying and Charm devastated by Ray's "death". I am so into this pair now....

Anonymous said...

lol... onto this CMY less-than-heads-over-heels-googly-eye-staring-at-FHL discussion, i sort of feel like CMY has never really experienced any sort of affection for males before... so this whole idea of being completely and utterly in love with FHL is kind of novel... and frightening. so i think that as much as she does love FHL, her rational mind sort of keeps her from "indulging" and expressing that love as intensely as FHL may... also, i feel like ray and charm are pretty compatible in real life and they were pretty decent in YY so i don't think that they would lack chemistry here. but then again, just my crazy opinions.

thank you much sehseh for the updates! they keep my lwolap starved mind from beating myself up terribly. about baidu, i don't quite understand how the ending works out... and while i've read *spoilers!!!!!!*

"ray and charm end up together"... i'm a bit confused as to how that happens. are there any sort of explanations available or are we all just left with that little teaser? anyways, thanks again for the updates and hope you'll recover from "pomato" (lol, nice description) soon soon. =)


Helen said...

Now that I konw it is a happy ending, I don't want it to come - I don't want LWOLAP to end so soon ah. only 7 epi left :(

I know there are a lot of comments about whether FHL and CMY should stay together after CMY has stabbed him. I must say that her behaviour in the last few epi has been a little disappointing due to her distrust and doubts about FHL. Actually she fluctuates a lot, unlike the beginning when she just followed and helped FHL no matter what. There are scenes which I don't think is right - e.g. stealing the sword scene. But, if you think from the CMY side - this reaction is only human. When someone has cheated you once, distrust will grow on you like a seed. To a woman, I think the worst thing is not breaking up with your lover, it is to realize that you have been used by someone you love. And you feel so stupid and lame and guilty to fall for someone who has not loved you and worst, probably have laughed at you in his heart for falling into his trap.

Since I haven't seen the next few epi yet, maybe I am wrong. Will see if I will change my view after completing this series.

Helen said...

Hey Hang, I agree with your analysis too.

Anonymous said...

hey helen, i've gotta say i agree with your explanation of CMY's lack of faith in FHL too... it feels a reprise of "strike at heart" to me, where as soon as siu keng realizes she's been "cheated" by chukot (? was that his name?) changes from a naive, innocent girl into this self-consumed, cold, and manipulative person... i think in the beginning of lwolap, CMY could justify her unwavering faith in FHL by claiming that he was just a benevolent gentleman who's lost his way and out of the goodness of her heart, she could spend some time making sure he doesn't do something foolish, like commit suicide... but then, when she realizes he's been lying to her all along... that he probably used her to learn that heart of sword technique... she's gonna feel a bit disillusioned and doubts are going to surface... i mean, it might not be completely congruent with her rational, logical character, but heck, CMY is human too and she has her short-comings. her first love kind of lied, cheated, and for all she knows, doesn't give darn about her... after all, life doesn't have definite "rights/wrongs" so, her doubts seem natural enough.... so all in all, i definitely agree with ya, helen. =)


sehseh said...

Agree with Hang & Helen.

I already watched the clip and CMY must have a thousand thing going on in her mind. Heck, she might be not thinking the moment he stabbed him.

This man was supposedly the only person she thought she knew and trusted. Suddenly, you realized it was just a lie and he most probably never give a damn abt you. Isn't that scary and hurtful? SOmeone so intimate and know you so well might be false all along.

Helen said...

well said Sehseh and Hang. Stabbing FHL was probably the first thing that came across her mind as things are happening so fast. She probably didn't really think it through. Just look at her guilty and painful expression when FHL collapsed right in front of her eyes, you will know she is probably regreting it....

This is one think I like LWOLAP so much - that each character seems so real to me - I mean no one person on earth is all good or all evil. It really depends on which angle you are seeing it. And in reality each person has some shortcomings and dark side.

Gosh, I am so addicted...don't know what am I gonna do after LWOLAP is over. It's been a long time since I feel that I don't want a series to end... Love Charray so much now!

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