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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

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Part 1: LWOLAP episodic clips

*Updated: All files uploaded on 16/02/06. I also added some clips from early episodes, at the request of Helen.

1. FHL told CMY that he use to make grasshopper for GBW.

2. FHL and CMY dancing around the fire at Seung Sau mansion.

3. CMY chasing after FHL only to find him following behind her.

4. Feeling bored, Hon Pak tries to bite the cookies into square shapes. Funny.

5. Promo Ad 3. The cast mention about the action stunts in LWOLAP.

6. Romantic scene: Wishing lanterns floating down the river.

Click on thumbnail for full size.

7. The break up: CMY wrongly accused FHL of stealing the Rain Ceasing Sword.

8. Romantic scene: CMY apologized to FHL. Very sweet and warm :)

Click on thumbnail for full size.

9. Fan Leong Gik teasing FHL & CMY.

Note: Left speaker for Cantonese and right for Mandarin.

Part 2: TVB Magazine scans

LWOLAP epi 30-34, credits to Bosco forum at

TVB magazine Valentine's Special: Dream Lover

Sammul choose Charmaine's lips

Image credit to
Sammul: "Seeing it remind you of her gentle voice."

Bosco choose Charmaine's eyes and lips

Image credit to Bosco's forum at
On eyes: "Her eyes are always sparkling."
On lips: "Thin upper lips and full lower lips, quite adorable."

Part 3: Re-post of other clips

1. Charmaine giving a CNY present to Joe Ma:

2. Geliguolu has made a Hon Pak - Ye Yuet MV:
Geliguolu I.Candy

Part 4: LWOLAP artworks *added 16/2/06*

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by

Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Artworks copyright of sehseh


alice said...

awwie seh seh!! i love ur creations!! esp the last one with the lighting candle romantic and calm in a way!! oo yea...i went to asianfanatics and read about a serie called A Tale Of Two Cities & The Changing Times. Do u have any info about it?? is Charmaine gonna be in it?? is it confirmed yet? thanks

sehseh said...

Haha, yeah the instrumental playing in clip 6 background was very serene and romantic. I will try to extract the music and upload it this weekend.

About the two new series, I haven't heard much apart from the fact that it'll be a total of 150 episodes. My guess is that a lot of characters will come and go. Perhaps Charmaine will be guest starring a few episodes?

Anonymous said...

OHHHHH THANK YOU SOO SOO MUCH Sehseh. i LOVE the clips. ESP the ones between Charmaine and Ray. <3

I'm glad that you're going to try to extract the background sound from the 6th clip. It DOES sond really serene and romantic.

BTW, i was wondering if the lantern scene is right after Charm. acused Ray of stealing the sword? Is that why Charm. was sitting the river alone and then found Ray sitting there alone too? thanks!!! =D


sehseh said...

Au contraire. It was before she accused him of stealing the sword. He suddenly came back and that's why she suspect he was after the sword the next morning.

Which I believe is somewhat true. Though Ray did not inform Derek of Rain Sword's location, I feel that he want to know what Charmaine want to do with the sword.

Anonymous said...

hi sehseh.... its me Princessy Gal. i would like to request the clips on FHL giving CMY the earings...... Thank You!.......

sehseh said...

Princessy Gal, the part where she found the earrings, it should be in the end of clip 7.

I'll go home & check, just in case.

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