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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Downloads 2

*Updated 13/2/2006* I have re-upload all of the clips to and also added some new clips. The new clips will be highlighted in purple.

Right now, I'm racing against time as I have yet to finish screencaps for episode 7-8 and I'm leaving Saturday afternoon. Darn, I haven't even started to pull out my luggage, not to mention start packing. Two weeks back in hometown... sigh~

If you are Bosco's fans, you are in luck today. Because out of 13 new clips of LWOLAP, 6 features the funny Hon Pak.

Attention: Always assume that all my post and clips contain SPOILERS.

But first, here's a short clip of LWOLAP cast wishing us a Happy Chinese New Year:





In episode 11-12, there's a new (4th) commercial break clip:

Image Hosted by
4. Ray, Charmaine & Sonija

Now, the time you have been waiting for (I bet you're not here to listen to my ranting :P) To listen to Cantonese, choose left speaker.

Funny Scenes involving Hon Pak (Bosco), in random order.

Bathing scenes: (Do you know that this series hinted that Hon Pak have erm... great asset? Yes, there are sexual innuendoes in some of his scenes, probably a tribute to the original character in the novel. Notice that not only Hui Ye Yuet and Bak Fong Wah was 'interested', even Fan Leong Gik was impressed! Okay, I better stop before turning this post into adult rated.

1. After his 'death' in episode 9-10, Hon Pak inner power increased and he accidentally broke his bathtub.

2. Hon Pak found out that he has company in his bathroom. (Episode 11-12)

3. Hon Pak resurrects and scared the daylight out of Leong Gik and Ye Yuet, episode 9-10.

4. Hon Pak and Ye Yuet re-enacting scenes of Leong Gik and Wan Qing, episode 9-10.

5. This one is mega hilarious in episode 11-12. Leong Gik and Hon Pak pretends to be a Korean ambassador and they attempt to speak Korean. Notice that Evergreen tried to suppress his laughter in one scene. A must download! Fan Leong Gik: "Tung Sa Ga!"

6. Hon Pak acting as tortoise to make Bak Fong Wah (Sherming Yiu) forgives Chek Juen Sun, episode 11-12.

Let's move on to other characters, shall we? While Hon Pak's side was light hearted, Fung Hang Lit (Ray) part was full of angst. In episode 11-12, Pong Ban sent Bing Wan back to Hang Lit. This drove a wedge between Hang Lit and Chun Mung Yiu as she believes that Bing Wan has evil intention. However, Hang Lit chose to leave with Bing Wan in the end.

7. Fung Hang Lit bidding Chun Mung Yiu goodbye. I did not want to extract the part where CMY asked him "Why can't you trust me?!" because I could not bear to see her begging after him. I'm a little disappointed that TVB turned CMY into such an emotional lady. So, I'm just uploading the part where FHL apologized to her for choosing Bing Wan.

8. Sherming first appeared as Bak Fong Wah:

*New clips*:

9. Fung Hang Lit pouring tea on incense after Gum Bing Wan left the room.

10. Fung Hang Lit exposing Gum Bing Wan's intention.

11. Pay attention to the background where Fan Leong Gik rescues Wan Qing.

12. Hon Pak resurrects from his 2nd 'death'.

13. A brief scene of Akina Hong Wah as Guk Zi Sin. Pretty, but a little too thin.

Enjoy the clips!


Helen said...


#spoilers following#

I finished watching epi 12 too. I really like epi 10 -12 - the funny parts by Bosco and Power especially disguising as Korean ambassadors are totally hilarious. The emotional part by FHL was intense and heart wrenching.

At frist I thought FHL was hopelessly crazy to be so blindly in love with GBW to believe in her but when I watched the second half of epi 12, then bang! it became all clear.

FHL KNEW soon after GBW reappeared that she is a phony just trying to fool him. That's why there's a scene when FHL was sitting alone in the dark looking miserable and deep in thought, also there's a scene where FHL thinking about past events and words of CMY. FHL was just giving GBW the last chance, hoping that there maybe a 0.0000000001 chance that he was wrong and that she is real. And finally he is struggling with his emotions and to face the reality that GBW doesn't love him. Therefore, he struggles hard to stop his feelings towards her. I am really touched as I could understand how painful it is to finally "woke up", the mixed feeling of mourning over your lost love and shattered heart.

I also like the way he doesn't want to reveal GBW's real ID in front of all those people, trying to protect her. He is such a gentlemen!! That's why he told CMY when they part, that he knows how to handle the situation and he won't be in danger. This is his way of sorting out his relationship with GBW.

I think he want to sort things out with Pong Bang too and this is his way to find out - pretend to fall in the trap so that the person behind will come to see him!

I was clapping my hands and yelling yes! when I saw the scene when FHL pour tea onto the incense pot!

I believe FHL will come back to look for CMY after he sort out his real id with Pong Bang!! Can't wait to watch the next episodes to see how Charm and Ray will get together :)

sehseh said...

I knew he distrusted Sonija even before they left Seung Sau mansion. The look he gave her is not the same anymore.

I guess why he doesn't expose Sonija is because

1. He is a gentleman and as he said numerous time, Sonija was his wife.

2. He wanted to know why Pong Ban was after him. This, showed the cunning side of FHL.

3. He does not want to involve Charmaine into this.

SPoilers - He did come back in episode 15, I think. But he's a changed person who wanted to ruin Ming Dynasty. From the spoilers I read, it seem that he'll be more ruthless and cunning as time goes by.

He love Charmaine but that does not stop him from using her to learn the Rain Ceasing sword secret.

Helen said...


I would love to see how Ray portray the "split personality" of FHL, how he was torn between his love for Charm, his friendship with Bosco and his duties as prince of Mongolia.

That's what I heard too and that's why Charm was hurt and parted with him when she found out he used her to learn the secret...

I also heard that TVB has changed the ending to make Ray and Charm together! Let's hope this is true.

shehster said...

i can't seem to download the CNY greetings by Charmaine. Megaupload says downloading exceeded.. clicked on yousendit many times but din work.

can u email me instead since the file isn't big?

thanks sehseh!

sehseh said...

Shehster, it seems that some countries could not dl from megaupload. Anyway, i have re-uploaded the CNY clips to regular

Just refresh the page and you'll notice that link 2 will refer to yousendit link.

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