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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Going Home

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"An airplane, I am an airplane. Now right up in the sky, ever so high. Spark the silver light in the rain, of to Spain. I can't stay, I am up and away." (Francis Ng - TITS)
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I'll be flying home this afternoon so I have to do some updates to keep you all occupied (well, at least until Monday/Tuesday when I get access to cybercafe). Frankly, I haven't start packing so I'm heading home after you see this post.

LWOLAP Downloads Part 3

Firstly, I have uploaded the clip for LWOLAP radio interview. The link have been posted here:
LWOLAP radio interview

Secondly, screencaps for episode 7-8 have been posted at screencaps album.

If you wish to create avatar/banner with them, feel free to do so. If you were to re-post the screencaps, please credit me properly. I'm sleep depraved from making them. Anyway, there will be no new screencaps until I return from my hometown as I have no access to my pc.

Third, I manage to extract some clips of Hon Pak (Bosco) scenes in episode 13-14. Here you will get to see the 'ham sap' (horny) side of Hon Pak. Truly a 'color wolf'. Hehehe...

1. Hon Pak and Fan Leong Gik shopping for some 'books':

2. Hon Pak reading the 'books':

3. Hon Pak's wandering eyes...

4. Fan Leong Gik: Not my fault!

5. Hon Pak realizes the true reason for his 'urges':

I like Fan leong Gik (Power) witty comments and one liners. Sometime a bit crude, but nonetheless frank and amusing. After watching episode 14, I began to slowly admire Pong Ban (Derek), though I did not admit to his extreme method. And that Emperor Zhu is really a tyrant, not because he killed the mongolian kids, but he was cruel to his own kin. No wonder people doubted that Lord Yin was not his son; they were so different! By the way, I like how the Royal Grandson (Lee Tin Yu) acts innocently in front of everyone without being over annoying. It terrifies me a bit to know that there is a demon beneath that child like smile.

Back to Fung Hang Lit. His storyline is getting very interesting because he want to rebuild Yuan. He has to. After learning the history and sacrifices his people make for him, he has no choice but to bear his responsibility as the mongolian prince. One question though, since FHL did met Pong Ban when he was a teenager (those braids look cute on Ray!), why couldn't he recognize him? And did you notice that Lord Yin (Evergreen) called FHL "Fung Hing", as in FHL is older?!

I have also uploaded LWOLAP episode 15-16 preview. I must say very suspenseful as FHL try to stop Pong Ban from killing Chun Mung Yiu. You see... FHL loves CMY now and therefore Pong Ban sees her as their obstacle.

Episode 15-16 preview

Last but not least, I have posted some pics of LWOLAP exhibition and Phoenix Quartet praying ceremony below. Check it out while I'm away. If you guys/gals have any queries or comment, just email or leave message as usual and I'll reply them when I'm online next week.

Till then, take care and adieus!!!


shehster said...

Have a good break! Happy Lunar New Year!

Anonymous said...

Qingwa said...

Happy Chinese New Year.

Enjoy your vacation :D

Kenix said...

Happy CNY! Have fun! :D
Heh im going back to JB next Fri as well.. :)

Funn Lim said...

Sehseh! Where are you going? Happy CNY and enjoy your break!

sehseh said...

I'm now at a place where there is food is abundance, with free lodgings and laundry!

Funn Lim said...

And free labour? Ahhh that could only mean parents' house!

sehseh said...

Ah... the precise prediction of our ever wise Funn...

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