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Friday, November 20, 2009

TVB 42nd Anniversary Extravaganza

Credit to 宇宙之王Y from youku

Sendspace download credit to Fongie4:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
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《惊喜合唱》Duet Crossover segment (Charmaine's part)


Summary of Charmaine related news:

Last night was TVB 42nd Anniversary Extravaganza. Charmaine sang and danced in the 《惊喜合唱》Duet Crossover segment together with Kenneth Ma, Steven Ma and Kevin Cheng.

Charmaine wore sponsored jewelery worth HKD6 million.

During the lucky draw segment, Charmaine won the 2nd prize worth HKD200, 000. As yesterday was also her mother's birthday, Charmaine indicate that she most probably will give the prize to her mother as gift, though she had already celebrated with her prior evening.

Please do not repost.

Don't you love it when Charmaine danced in ancient Chinese costume? So graceful and elegant! If TVB ever film a series featuring Zhao Fei Yan, I'd cast her!

Congratulations to Charmaine for winning the 2nd prize of the lucky draw! Even Eric Tsang said she is so lucky, because Charmaine won the 3rd prize in last year's anniversary. Hehehe...

Don't forget to support and vote for Charmaine @ TVB 42nd Anniversary Award!


alicechen said...

Wwoohoo, Sehseh!

Charm and Steven!! Haven't seen them together in a while. I love the part when they looked at each other and headshake.

The performance was uber cute!! Charm is adorable swaying side to side. haha XD Her voice sounds very SWEEETTT here. =)

sehseh said...

Hopefully there will be chance for them to film series together again in the future :)

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