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Sunday, July 09, 2006

TVB 60 episode series

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Next year is the 10th Anniversary of Hong Kong’s handover back to China. TVB will be collaborating with China to film a sixty episodes series, Fung Wai Sui Yuet (temporary name), and the series will be filmed in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Canada. It will be scheduled to air in July next year in both Hong Kong and China.

Since At the Threshold of an Era, there hasn’t been another sixty episode series filmed in a long time. Seeing that next year is the 10th anniversary of Hong Kong’s handover, TVB will be co-operating with China to film Fung Wai Sui Yuet. This series is also considered as part of the celebrations of Hong Kong’s handover back to China and both parties value this 2007 grand production greatly. TVB has also decided for Leung Ka Shu as the producer of the series, and will have highly promoted siu sangs and fa dans, namely Charmaine Sheh, Jessica Hsuan, Raymond Lam, Ron Ng and veteran actor Damien Lau to participate in this series.

Chen Dao Ming and Chen Bao Guo to also participate in filming

Due to the fact that this is collaborated between HK and China, there will be many of China’s artists. As a production of the Zhong Yang Channel, they successfully invited A-Class actors such as Chen Dao Ming and Chen Bao Guo to participate in the filming. The two will be portraying extremely important characters. It is reported that this series tells about three generations, with the background of the story being the manufacturing of cars. The chosen date of airing is July 1st, the anniversary of the handover, but if they cannot make it in time, then it will be aired on the National Day of China (WS says: that’s on October 1st), and also, the series will be airing together in Hong Kong and China.

It was reported that TVB extremely values this series and even though it won’t be airing until mid next year, they have already been preparing for a while, organising the script, choosing the characters, filming location, contacting China’s actors to discuss it and so on. Due to the fact that it is their first time officially co-operating with China’s Zhong Yang Channel, TVB must prepare an entire storyline and have had to contact the people in charge in China many times to discuss the story, before beginning the actual filming. As to the actors, they have to be discussed together by both parties and so till today, the cast is still not confirmed, and they would still be holding countless beatings.

As to the production matters of this series, the reporters have contacted the people in charge, but producer Leung Ka Shu is incredibly busy and has not yet responded. It is assumed that he has already begun the busy work of preparing for this series.

Many thanks to Winter_Stargirl for news translation.

Charmaine and Raymond may be working together again in 《風雲歲月》Fung Wan Shui Yuet. Tommy Leung Kar Shu has now replaced Poon Ka Tak as executive producer of this series.

Chen Dao Ming, one of Mainland China most established actor are also rumored to be casted.

*Updated* Ron Ng has confirmed taking part and he will be playing as a car racer. Filming starts October 2006 and end April 2007.

*Updated Aug 5th* Mainland actors Chen Bao Guo & Chen Kun has confirmed taking part. Gallen Lo will also be joining the cast.

*Updated Aug 6th* Charmaine Sheh, Jessica Hsuan and Myolie Wu will be taking part as well. The storyline will revolve around the shipping industry. Charmaine's character is a very strong-willed HK girl.

*Updated Aug 8th* According to today's Apple Daily, Joe Ma and Damien Lau will be joining the cast.

*Updated Aug 9th* Ray will be pairing up with Charmaine and Myolie. Source: Fung's Label.

*Updated Aug 12th* Jessica role will be a rich girl who run her family business.

*Updated Aug 30th* Joe Ma will be playing an honest businessman in FWSY. Filming expected to start at Sept 20th, 2006. Gallen has rejected TVB's offer.

*Updated Sept 1st* Florence Kwok, Matthew Ko and Toby Leung will be joining the cast - Toby will be paired up with Matthew.

*Updated Sept 10th* Charmaine's role is a realistic girl who loves money and will be a bickering pair with Raymond.

*Updated Sept 20th* Sheren Tang has confirmed joining the cast. She will be playing Michael Miu's wife and her daughter will be Toby Leung. Her role is also Charmaine's best friend. Source: Oriental Daily.

*Updated Sept 22nd* Costume fitting set on September 28th, 2006 (Thursday).

*Updated Sept 28th* Ray's character decription:
From 26 to 40 years old. In the beginning, he was arrogant and proud. Later, he met many setbacks and gradually matures.

The story begins with Ray just returning from overseas. He is a proud person and his family owns a huge enterprise. His father is Damien Lau while his mother is Wong Shuk Yi.

At earlier stage, Ray was arrogant because he is very good at doing business and because of this there was a period where his family business flourished. This made him a little proud. However, his family bankrupted and he met many setbacks. He has to start from bottom again, and his character gradually matures. Along the way, he met with a lot of people who helped him.

Ray said that he is working hard to keep his hair long because he came back from overseas. He also have to speak Mandarin and he will have many scenes with mainland casts. In addition, he mentioned that this role was a very long and challenging role, but he will work hard on it.

Other cast involved: Power Chan, Kenneth Ma, Ellesmere Choi etc.

*Updated Sept 29th* Additional [The Changing Times] synopsis:

Damien Lau started his business via real estate investment. After his business deteriorated, he changed to car dealership business. His wife is Gigi Wong Shuk Yi, who bore him daughter; Jessica Hsuan and son; Raymond Lam. Raymond is in love with Charmaine Sheh, while his assistant Myolie Wu is secretly in love with him.

Ron Ng's father, Benz Hui is the supervisor for the automobile service department. Ron will sometimes secretly take customer's car for a race. Ron's mother, Mary Hon (盧皓月 Lu Ho Yuet) along with his half brother Joe Ma (born from different father) doted on him. On the other hand, Michael Miu and Sheren Tang's daughter Toby Leung is a reporter for an automobile magazine. One time, when sending her car for servicing at Ron's, she discovered that Ron droved her car, causing misunderstanding which later developed into romantic feelings.

Because this series revolves around history of the rise and fall of families, therefore the period is also very long. Ron will appear roughly after 20 episodes, and acting from 20 to 40 years old.
The chinese source is from Ron Cafes, while the english translation above was done by me. Kindly give due credit if reposted.

*Updated Oct 1st* Summary of characters and storyline (possible spoilers):

The storyline revolve around the struggles and conflict within Wah brothers, who run the automobile industry. There are 3 brothers, the eldest being Damien Lau, the 2nd brother a mainland actor and the third brother is Michael Miu.

Damien Lau (华文翰 Wah Man Hang) the eldest brother and wife Gigi Wong have two children; Jessica Hsuan and Raymond Lam (华振邦 Wah Zhen Pong).

Jessica character is very soft, highly educated and obedient daughter to Damien. However, she have a rebellious streak when it comes to relationship - she will have affairs with Joe Ma and Michael Wong Man Tak. Jessica thought she will be speaking Mandarin in FWSY, so she purposely bought a Mandarin learning set in preparation. She later found out that all her dialogues will be in Cantonese.

Ray will be involved in a complex love triangle with Charmaine and Myolie. In addition, there will be two more Mainland actors involved in the love quadruple.

Ray will be portraying from 26 years old to 40 years old. He is a bit worried that he won't look convincing as 40 years old.

Charmaine Sheh's role is a very filial, strong willed and ambitious girl. Her mother, Chan Mei Kei (衞長萍 Wai Cheung Ping) had an affair with Damien years ago and this has lead to conflict between her and Ray's relationship, causing them to break up. Ray later ends up with his secretary, Myolie (方秉怡 Fong Bing Yee) while Charmaine met Chen Kun (mainland actor).

Myolie's character is a very upbeat and happy girl. She will be Ray's secretary who is secretly in love with him. News said that filming for Myolie will start later as TVB wanted to give her more time to lose weight.

Michael Miu (华文碩 Wah Man Shek) and Sheren Tang (汪紹芬 Wong Siu Fan) will act as a couple, with Toby Leung (华清琳 Wah Ching Ling) as their daughter. Their marriage seems perfect from outside, but there's actually a lot of problems. Michael's character is a bit cunning and often act as a middle person between his elder brothers. It was also hinted that he is a playboy. Meanwhile, Sheren begins as a rich heiress, whose family actually own the automobile business in the first place.

Joe Ma will be playing a semi villain businessman. He is Ron's half brother. There will be a period in the series where Ron falls into coma and Toby will take care of him, with a lot of crying scenes.

New updates! According to TVB mag, Ron and Joe is actually born from the same mother (Mary Hon). Joe is actually Ng Wai Kwok (危天行 Ngai Tin Hang)'s son and there is possibility that Ron is not Benz's son after all. Ng Wai Kwok was once crushed by the Wah brothers, therefore he intended to seek revenge.

FWSY will be aired simultaneously by TVB and CCTV during prime time (usually 8-9pm). There will be an estimate of at least 140 million viewers. With outdoor filming in Mainland China and Canada, TVB plan to invest over HKD1 billion for production. As the story background involved with automobile industry, there will be a lot of beautiful cars featured.

(Note: The above will subject to change as the series has 60 episodes and script has not finished yet)

*Updated Oct 9th* The story revolved between the relationships and rivalries of four families lead by Damien Lau, Michael Miu, Liu Ging Sang (Mainland actor) and Chan Mei Kei. The main plot about the older generation are: Chan Mei Kei (as Wai Cheung Ping), Damien Lau (Wah Man Hang) and Liu Ging Sang (Wah Man Hung, the 2nd Wah brothers) were childhood friends and involved in a triangle relationship. After they grew up, Cheung Ping, Man Hang and his wife Gigi Wong (as Zhan Yan) were involved into another love triangle.

In addition, TVB offered almost all of their younger fadan and siusang to lead in the second generation: Raymond Lam and Jessica Hsuan will be playing as Damien's children while Charmaine Sheh is Chan Mei Kei's daughter. Because her mother spent her lifetime obsessing (心系 - sorry if I translated wrongly) Damien Lau, after Charmaine grew up she began to plan revenge on his family. However, she fell in love with Damien's son; Ray.

Charmaine Sheh will be portraying a strong willed HK girl who is bend on seeking revenge for her mother. Unexpectedly, she got involved in a relationship with the enemy's son; Raymond Lam. There were reports that Charmaine has recently broke up with her rumoured beau Benny Chan and Ray was asked of he was afraid of having rumours with Charmaine. Ray frankly said that he always took his female co-stars as male friends, so he's not afraid of rumours.

p.s. Character name update:
Gigi Wong as 湛恩 (Zhan Yan)
Liu Ging Sang as 华文鸿 (Wah Man Hung)

*Updated Nov 4th* During the interview on 《娱乐最前线》and《东张西望》, Jessica divulged a bit of her character storyline in [The Changing Times]. In the beginning, she was dating Michael Wong, but later found out that he has a wife. Michael also realized that he loves his wife the most, therefore they broke up. As for Joe, he has always admired her, but Jessica has no feelings for him until she broke up with Michael. Joe treated Jessica very well, so she slowly fall in love and eventually got married with him. However, after they got married, a lot of problems arise, mostly due to Joe turning bad toward the end. During interview, Joe also described his character as both good and evil. Translated from Baidu.

*Updated Nov 8th* Young mainland actor Feng Shao Feng (冯绍峰) will be joining the cast of TVB-CCTV 60 episode modern series; "The Changing Times". He will be playing one of the important character in the series; Tin Zhen Man (田振民). Translated from:

Note: If you have the time to 'copy and paste' my post(s), surely it won't hurt to take extra few seconds for proper credit. Thanks for co-operating.

*Updated Nov 13th* English title changed to "The Drive of Life". Source: TVB Sales Presentation Clip 2007.

*Updated Nov 24th* Charmaine's character name is 荣秀丰 - Wing Sau Fung while Ron is 冼介強 - Sin Gai Keung. Added filming updates.

*Updated Dec 15th* New synopsis will be added. Edit: Ron and Joe share the same father, but diferent mother.

*Updated Dec 23rd* Feng Shao Feng character name is Wah Zhen Man.

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I'm so excited! Charmaine might not be working on Chik Kei Yi 80 episode series after all. This news was quite suprising, since this series will be combining top artistes from both TVB rival camps (Tommy Leung & Catherine Tsang).


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