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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Newsflash! TVB 60+80 episode mega production!

Remember my previous posting on TVB 140 episodes grand production?

As per mentioned, Poon Ka Tak will be producing a 60 episode series revolving around HK handover to China. However, TVB has yet to release an official cast list. A lot of TVB artiste were rumored to be involved, including Michael Miu, Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung, Charmaine Sheh etc.

Michael Miu was the earliest to confirm his participation. Recently, Ray has also confirmed taking part in this project (which is no surprise, considering the good results from Le Femme Desperado, his previous team up with PKT). Please kindly inform me if any other artistes has confirmed participation.

On the other hand, Chik Kei Yi will be helming a 80 episode series. During Shanghai TV Festival, Chik Kei Yi informed the press that he is preparing for the series. As for the cast, he plan to re-use [Dance of Passion] main cast. Therefore, we can assume that Bowie, Gigi, Charmaine, Moses, Ada, Maggie and Kenny are most likely to be taking part in this 80 episode series. However, CKY refused to divulge the plotlines, but he hinted that he would like to experiment new things (like his previous effort; WAB & DOP). It would be different from the usual TVB family saga. Hmm... would this series be connected to PKT's series?

Originally scheduled to start filming in July, both series have been pushed to November production.

In any way, we would be expecting an all out cast from TVB, since both series are the TVB highlights for year 2007, in celebration of 10th year of HK handover anniversary (which also remind me that Charmaine has joined TVB for nearly 10 years! She even joked that next year she will receive TVB long service award).

Speaking of anniversary and Charmaine, Kitson has informed me that [Pearl of Orient] (Liza, Charmaine, Roger) and [Casino Crisis] (Michael Miu, Jessica, Bobby, Bosco) will be this year's TVB anniversary series. I also have to thank Kitson for sharing the info on TVB newest project(s) with me :)

Charmaine is currently wrapping up the filming for Pearl of Orient. We have yet to know her next project (apart from CKY's), but she most probably will be filming a new series starting July. Previously, it was rumored on Scoop that Charmaine will be filming a 20 episode modern series with Kevin Chen, Astrid Chan and Vinci Wong. However, Kitson has informed me that Gigi Lai has confirmed to be lead in this series.

TVB has another new series in July, which is also a modern series with 40 episode (grand production). Ray has confirmed that he will be joining this series along with Moses Chan, Bosco Wong, Tavia Yeung and Linda Chung after wrapping up his current project; The New Breath of Love (愛情新呼吸). I'm not sure whether Charmaine will take part in this series, but there seem to be an empty spot...

Sigh~ It seems that as usual, TVB artistes never get to rest. However, I'm happy that more artist are returning to TVB like Florence Kwok and Astrid Chan. Has Kong Wah left TVB? It would be great it Kong Wah, Gallen, Louis, Flora etc could come back and participate in the 140 episode mega series.


alicechen said...

haha *hiding from Metal*

Me too....a leading actress is definitely missing there.......*wink wink*

Anonymous said...

Kong Wah has indeed left TVB

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