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Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Drive of Life filming updates

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Note: Please do not repost at news forum section, eg. Asianfanatics news. This is not a news, it's just a summary of [Drive] filming in Beijing and Ningbo based on interviews and accounts of fans visiting on the set. Thank you for your co-operation.

Magazine《电视剧》Issue 146

Larger scans credit to 古都一丝绿 & Raymond Forest.

Here's my translation from some of the interview excerpts:

Warning: Spoilers ahead

1. The car racing scene in 1994 was Ray first appearance in [Drive]. When asked about his permed hair, Ray explained: "At first the hair is permed, because I'm a rich young master, who like to be trendy. Later, the hair will be straightened back to show that he's more concentrated into his career, no more time to take care of his hair (laugh)!" Ray also confirmed that he will appear from the beginning till the end of this series. He is still worried about convincing audiences for his age 30-40's part.

Ray was suppose to be studying in US, but he secretly went to Beijing to take part in a car race. Somehow his parent caught news of this and hurried there to look for him. He tried dodging left and right but Damien caught him in the end. Damien was furious that he left US while Gigi was worried because racing is dangerous. However, Ray refused to listen and escaped to continue the race.

Pics credit to 七七峰 from Raymond Forest.

2. Major changes in character. His character, though intelligent is very brash and this caused a lot of setback in his life. He will slowly mature and take responsibility of his family. The biggest setback for his family is during the economy crisis. In addition, the Wah family love the country and they always have the dream of building mainland automobile industry.

Right pic credit to 七七峰.

3. Ray will have a lot of interaction with Feng Shao Wei (or Feng Wei), which is his first cousin. Liu Ging Sang is his uncle. The Wah family relationship are quite complex and estranged. However, they unite in the end to build their automobile business.

(Sehseh: Hmm... weird, if Feng Wei is LGS son, wouldn't he be sharing the same surname Wah, instead of Tin?)

Pics credit to

4. Speaking of villains, Ray indicate at first it was Ng Wai Kwok, and later Joe Ma. He has more scenes with Joe. When asked whether Joe has been playing a lot of villainous role, Ray said that there isn't much difference of 'good' and 'evil'; just doing things based on their personal gains.

(Sehseh: Recent rumors has it since Joe's Thailand trip exposure, TVB has changed Joe's scripts in [Drive]. It seems that his role is very despicable and often abuses his wife Jessica.)

5. Love triangle with Myolie Wu and Charmaine Sheh. "Myolie is my secretary, she always help and support me, though (she) troublesome (laughs). Charmaine Sheh and I are more like bickering pair, and we fell in love later."

Pics credit to

(How about the ending?) "I can't tell the ending, erm, actually my character from the beginning till end has never really like Myolie, but we haven't film the later parts yet, so there might be a huge change as well. Anyway, both of them (Charmaine and Myolie) are very capable."

(Does Charmaine's character meant to exact revenge on your family? "Both our families have some past incidents, you'll know when you watch the series."

Pics credit to

(Sehseh: According to Charmaine, the script has only been written halfway - 30 episodes so they have no idea how it would end)

Pics credit to

6. Happy family. Ray said that his father and son relationship with Damien is rather unusual. He is very close to his sister Jessica, and Ray added that because they're like brother and sister in real life, he feels comfortable filming with her.

Added Nov 27th:
Raymond Forest has posted larger scans of the mag and I can finally read Gigi & Michael's interview.

Gigi Wong:
In the beginning, Gigi and Damien was a loving couple. However, Gigi found out Damien met his ex-lover Chan Mei Kei (Charmaine's mum) and grow suspiscious. Due to some flaming from Sheren, their relationship turned sour and when Gigi found out she has accused them wrongly of having an affair, it was too late as Chan Mei Kei committed suicide.

(Sehseh: I'm guessing this is the reason why Charmaine's character hate Wah family and wanted revenge. I thought that Sheren was Charmaine's best friend?)

Michael Miu:
He was playful character that doesn't care much about work. Due to his extramarital affairs, Sheren divorced him and he went through a rough patch, including his career failure. He commited suicide but survived, so he turned over a new leaf. Later, he tried to woo Sheren back.

Please do not quote the spoilers above in cbox. Thanks!

Summary of fans' account:

Pics credit to Fung Forever. Ooh... hot!

Due to too much Ray fans (some overexcited) visiting him during filming, Poon Ka Tak was unhappy with this and have banned fans (of all cast) from visiting the filming set. It was reported that Ray received a lecture from PKT afterward. According to a personnel in the filming crew, they have hired 20 bodyguards to prevent reporters and fans from visiting the set. The reason PKT banned fans visit was due to the cast unable to fully concentrate in the presence of fans. IMO, I agree with PKT but I feel a little disappointed we won't get to see more pics of them in action...

Luckily, some workers at Geely (mainland car manufacturing plant) took some pictures of the cast filming:

More pictures here.

Pics credit to

Charmaine only went to Ningbo for two days as she only have to film once scene (above). Some fans managed to book the same hotel they're staying in and Charmaine took some time off after filming to have lunch with them. Lucky fans, sigh~ Lol... Charmaine lamented that she doesn't mind if there is no heater or aircond, but she must have hot water for showers. Lol... they told her that she need to keep the tap running for 20mins in order to have hot water and Charmaine think it's such a waste of water.

Charmaine's mesg to fans

Download the clip here
Credit to

p.s. Charmaine's character name in [Drive] is 荣秀丰 - Wing Sau Fung.

Kekeke... Charmaine is very casual during her fans outing. Read more about it here (chinese).

Last night Charmaine came back to HK for a Max & Co. event. Pics:

Poor Charmaine, she's feeling unwell last night...

Updated: Tommy Leung interview

Sorry... I translated and posted at spcnet a few days ago, but forget to post it here :P
If reposted the article below, kindly credit me.

Tommy Leung: "Casting depends of fate"

[Sina, November 20th 2006]

Coming year will be TVB's 40th Anniversary, and at the same time is also the 10th anniversary of HK handover back to China. To commemorate this significant day, TVB and CCTV will be collaborating together to film a 60 episode series [The Drive of Life]. Not only TVB will be sending out their six fadan and siusang; Damien Lau, Michael Miu, Joe Ma, Raymond Lam, Ron Ng, Ng Wai Kwok, Sheren Tang, Jessica Hsuan, Charmaine Sheh, Myolie Wu, Gigi Wong and Tommy Leung, this series will also be helmed by renowned [ATE] producer Tommy Leung. The story will revolve around China automobile industry.

Tommy currently is TVB Production Department Assistant Chief and have produced inumerable series. In the interview, Tommy indicate that [The Drive of Life] narrate the complex relationship between four families within the automobile industry, undergoing separation and unity over a period of ten years after the handover. In between, there is also the relationships between the two generation, thus the story frame is very huge.

Discussing the topic about casting, there is two major fadan; Charmaine Sheh and Myolie Wu. Due to the hot debate for this year's TVB anniversary award, there has been a lot of rivalry rumors circulating around them. Tommy was asked if he chose them with the intention of generating headlines for [Drive]?

Tommy laughed: "When we were casting for this series, the rumors between Charmaine and Myolie has not arise yet. The reason I chose them is simply because I feel that the role is suitable for them. There is no special reason, neither is there intention to create news. "

When casting, Tommy stressed that it all depends on fate. Because most newbies can't act, it is difficult to pick among so many of them. The most important factor is fate and also comfortable on the eyes (眼缘, something like fit the bill). "Sometimes, the artiste need no to be outstanding, as long as when you look at them, you will have the feeling that they are the one. Therefore, casting depends a lot on fate."

Mentioning of favored artist Charmaine Sheh (this doesn't make sense, Charmaine is Catherine and Virginia's fav, not Tommy's) double win during the anniversary award, what does Tommy think about this? "Charmaine is a very capable actress, she has acted for many years, starting with a chicken voice and doesn't know how to act, and until today, her acting have received audience recognition. I was very happy for her to receive a good harvest (reward) this year.


Sehseh: [Drive] cast has been travelling back and forth HK & Mainland for filming. I hope they will take care of their health, especially the weather is turning cold.

p.s. I have also updated some [Glittering Days] song and clips, don't miss them! Just scroll down to the post below :)

Last but not least, Happy Turkey Day!!!


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Yummy yummy Turkey Day Sehseh!

BTW, do u have any screencaps of Charmaine in the second generation in the snow sehseh?

sehseh said...

Alice, screencaps? There is no released clip of [Drive] yet.

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I meant to ask whether u have any screencaps of Charmaine in Maiden's Vow. It's when she was walking in the snow in the second generation. (so pretty!!)

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