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Thursday, September 28, 2006

[The Changing Times] Press Conference

Download the clip here.
Credits to 雪子 from Raymond Forest.


Download the clip here.
Credits to 雪子 from Raymond Forest.

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[Ta Kung Pao & Wen Wei Po 29/09/06]

"Changing Times" Press Conference - Celebrating 10th Anniversary of Hong Kong's Return to China

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to China next year, TVB has joined forces with China Central Television (CCTV) to film a sixty-episode series entitled "Changing Times". To mark this event, a special press conference was held in a hotel yesterday and as well as a special contract signing ceremony by TVB General Manager Stephen Chan and China International Television Managing Director's Aide Feng Run Sheng, the event was attended by cast members including Damian Lau, Gigi Wong, Michael Miu, Jessica Hsuan, Sheren Tang, Charmaine Sheh, Myolie Wu, Ron Ng, Raymond Lam and Toby Leung. The series will be filmed in Hong Kong and the mainland as well as on location in Canada.

The story is centred around the development of China's Motor industry and will be aired simultaneously on TVB, CCTV and many other Chinese channels around the world in October next year. Sheren plays a rich lady in the show and she sought out a jewellery sponsor especially for yesterday's event and she turned out wearing diamonds worth over $1 million. Asked whether she will be wearing her own items for filming, she says: "Jewellery is too expensive, so I hope to have a sponsor. As for clothes and shoes, then I may be using some of my own things."

After working opposite Toby previously in "Men in Pain", Ron is happy that they will be able to build up their chemistry again quickly, but he does not know if they will have any kissing scenes yet. Talking of his limited Mandarin abilities and his earlier embarrassment, he is glad that all his lines will be presented in Cantonese. Toby's character will be spanning from her teens up to her thirties, showing different periods of her life, so she has had a special haircut for the show. Working with a strong cast and being the newest kid on the block, is she worried about the comments that she has been given this opportunity because of her father, TVB Drama Department Assistant Director Tommy Leung? She says: "I am used to it now, he is my father after all, so I can't cut all my ties with him."

Recent magazine reports have suggested that Charmaine has split with her rumoured boyfriend Benny Chan, but when she was asked about this, she smiled: "We were never dating, so how could we split? I would like to know too, can you find out which magazine it was?" Asked if the reports stem from her not seeing him much lately, she immediately cut the question short and said: "I have finished now!". As for whether this news of their split means they will not be linked again in the press, she smiles: "It that so? If it is, that would be good. (Then people can go ahead and woo you?) So for their help, I should really thank the magazine." Charmaine says that she does have pursuers, but they are not very assertive: "I am not young any more and I do wish to date and get married. (Have your criteria changed for a partner?) Just the normal things a girl looks for, ambition and filial piety."

Jessica has had her hair cut short for this series and she says frankly that she was a little reluctant to cut the hair that she has been growing for several years. Whilst working in Singapore, her old pet dog died from illness and she was faced with a death of a loved one for the first time in her life. She says: "I never imagined that it would be just five days after I arrived when I heard about his death. Fortunately, some people from an abandoned animal charity helped me to arrange his cremation and his ashes are stored at my home." Jessica's other dog, which is 14 years old is developing signs of senility so she is preparing herself mentally for his departure. Jessica herself has been suffering from illness recently because she has been diagnosed with helicobacter pylori, but she has been fighting this with medication. She says of her bad luck: "This is what happens when your zodiac sign is at odds with the gods." Asked if she will be reducing her output because of her health, she says: "I have already reduced my work over the last few years, just taking on 20 episode series and giving myself a rest every couple of months. Although this is a long series, there are plenty of other stars, so it should not be too hard. It is a rare opportunity to work with CCTV, so I have taken on this project."

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Additional [The Changing Times] synopsis:

Damien Lau started his business via real estate investment. After his business deteriorated, he changed to car dealership business. His wife is Gigi Wong Shuk Yi, who bore him daughter; Jessica Hsuan and son; Raymond Lam. Raymond is in love with Charmaine Sheh, while his assistant Myolie Wu is secretly in love with him.

Ron Ng's father, Benz Hui is the supervisor for the automobile service department. Ron will sometimes secretly take customer's car for a race. Ron's mother, Mary Hon along with his half brother Joe Ma (born from different mother) doted on him. On the other hand, Michael Miu and Sheren Tang's daughter Toby Leung is a reporter for an automobile magazine. One time, when sending her car for servicing at Ron's, she discovered that Ron droved her car, causing misunderstanding which later developed into romantic feelings.

Because this series revolves around history of the rise and fall of families, therefore the period is also very long. Ron will appear roughly after 20 episodes, and acting from 20 to 40 years old.

Note: The chinese source is from Ron Cafes, while the english translation above was done by me. Kindly give due credit if reposted.


alicechen said...

So Chen Kun will not be in this series right SehSeh? Sigh

sehseh said...

He might still be in here, maybe as guest star. Myolie and Charmaine did drop hints about two more Mainland actors being paired up with them ;)

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