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Sunday, March 12, 2006


Got plenty of updates today...

HOT! Dance of Passion trailer screencaps! Credits to Bebe from

Hope DOP will be released in April - May 2006.

*updated* Thanks to the clip from Kitson, I have made some screencaps out of them:

(Click on the thumbnail for full size)

Wow ~ the sneak preview seems intense: Deserts, bandits, explosion & stuff. I'm wondering why didn't they highlight Ada's character, her face only appeared like split nanoseconds (and she's half blocked by Moses). Moses and Bowie gets the most attention here. Looking forward for Charmaine - Moses pairing, though I admit at first I'm not too optimistic (their height and looks doesn't exactly match) but seeing their cute interaction during Hunan WAB promo, I gained a little confidence of their chemistry. Well, there are some intimate scenes between them in DOP...

News 1: Charmaine Will Avoid the Paparazzis By Closing Her Shades

Translations by xbunnylicious.

Yesterday Charmaine Sheh, Joe Ma, and others were at Kowloon to film for new series Phoenix Quartet. Recently Leon Lai and Lok Gai Yi have been filmed by the paparazzis at home and Charmaine, who is the goal of many paparazzis, is becoming nervous. She reluctantly said, "I'm really scared! He was filmed even when he lived so high up! Even though my house faces the ocean, I still have to close the shades to keep my privacy. I will only open it when it is the China National Day and Chinese New Year."

Moreover, Charmaine said that in April, she will start filming for a series called Pearl of the Orient 《東方之珠》, which has a 70s setting. She said, "I will be cooperating with Liza Wang and Roger Kwok. In the series, I am a female singer and when I am late, I have to go learn how to sing and dance."

News 2: featured in 3 Weekly!

Too bad the magazine didn't give credit to Jayne. Read the original article by Jayne here.

Clips updates:

1. New LWOLAP episodic clips and fanmade MV has been uploaded.
Image Hosted by
Go here.

2. Due to popular demand, I have also re-uploaded TVB 2006 Sales Presentation Clips. Check it out here.

3. WAB related clips. I have found a new fanmade MV for Yee Shun in baidu forum. Download.


yume said...

Thank you, I like the WAB clip. Hope that Dance of Passin will be out soon, it sounds great
Anyway, I have a little question, sorry because it's not about Charm. Do you know where can I download some fanmade clips of WAB with Sheren? Just love her Yu Fi! Thanks ahead!

Kidd said...

The magazine is so bad. They should have given credit to the proper source. No moral ethics one. :(

Did that ask Jayne permission or not before publishing the photoshopped images?

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