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Friday, December 16, 2005

TVB 2006 Sales Presentation Clips

First of all, a big THANK YOU for supporting my site. We finally reached

100,000 hits!

Hahaha... I'm so happy today so here's my gift to you all: All the 15 clips of TVB 2006 Sales Presentation! (note: I'm uploading the sales presentation available to Malaysia's audiences and not the one from HK so if I miss some clips, please excuse me).

You may re-upload the clips to your own server but please give proper credits. I spent two nights editing them even though I was not feeling well, so please follow the rules. Files re-uploaded to on March 12, 2006.

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1. Super Cops
Yuen Biao, Moses Chan, Yuen Wah, Claire Yiu
I think they dubbed Yuan Biao's voice...

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2. Forensic Heroes
Frankie Lam, Bobby Au, Yoyo Mung, Linda Chung, Florence Kwok
Florence is back! Another good reason to watch this series, because Bobby is also in here.

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3. Devil's Disciple
Kevin Cheng, Bosco Wong, Bernice Liu, Sharon Chan
My sis and I laughed at the hairstyles till our stomach hurts. Seriously, fire the hair stylist! (At least the person who designed the male leads hairstyles).

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4. Face to Fate
Raymond Lam, Frankie Lam, Selena Li, Tavia Yeung, Anne Heung, Nancy Wu, David Chiang
Selena Li as female lead? I think I'll watch this just for Ray, but he's pairing up with Selena...

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5. When Rules Turn Loose
Liza Wang, Myolie Wu, Sammul Chan, Har Yu, Marco Ngai, Wayne Lai, Patricia Liu
This series is currently airing so no need to comment much.

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6. Under the Canopy of Love
Bosco Wong, Kevin Cheng, Nikki Chow
Seems like a lighthearted romance series. Will watch this one.

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7. La Femme Desperado
Sheren Tang, Melissa Ng, Raymond Lam, Michael Tse, Kathy Tsui, Kenneth Ma
Ah!!! Is that Sheren removing Ray's clothes?! Must watch lah!

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8. Treasure Box
Nancy Sit, Joyce Koi, Cheung Chi Kwong, Christine Ng, Linda Chung, Joey Leung, Rain Lau
I never liked Nancy's series. Too preachy for me.

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9. Criminal Intelligence Bureau
Bowie Lam, Joyce Tang, Wong Hei, Halina Tam
It's such a long time since we last saw Wong Hei. Missed him.

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10. Vagabond Vigilante
Sunny Chan, Kenny Ho, Sonija Kwok
It's based on a famous wuxia novelist LYS, who is famed for writing strong female characters while the men... kinda sucks. Same author for "White Haired Maiden" and "Lofty Water Verdant Bow".

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11. War & Destiny
Myolie Wu, Ron Ng, Sunny Chan, Leila Tong, Mandy Cho, Lau Dan, Sek Sau
I already said this: I'm not going to avoid Ron's series anymore but Myolie's in here! She is a good actress, but she is everywhere! That's why I'm not watching WRTL because I want to watch this series.

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12. Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion
Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong, Charmaine Sheh, Sonija Kwok, Power Chan, Suet Nei
No need to say more. It drives me crazy that TVB kept delaying it's released. LWOLAP will be aired in HK starting Jan 5, 2006. Hurray, fans!

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13. Dance of Passion
Charmaine Sheh, Moses Chan, Bowie Lam, Gigi Lai, Ada Choi, Kenny Wong, Maggie Siu
The Most Anticipate Series in 2006. A very strong cast from WAB. And it seems that TVB has intended to push the female leads in here to the TOP 5 "Best Actress" in 2006 anniversary.

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14. Warlords
Sonija Kwok, Chen Kun, Damien Lau, Joe Ma, Power Chan
50-50 chance of watching this because Chen Kun, Damien (the good) and Joe Ma (err...) is in here.

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15. A Tale Of Two Cities & The Changing Times
Practically all of TVB stars, two grand production with 150 episodes in total. I guess a lot of characters will die in here.

p.s. I will not be online tomorrow (Saturday) so if you have any request or queries, please email me at and I will reply on Sunday or Monday. Enjoy the clips and please do feel free to comment/discuss about the sales presentation. No foul language, though. :)


Winter_Stargirl said...

Hey seh seh! Thank you so much for uploading the clips individually! You should visit my blog sometime, ha ha! See ya!

` yuNa -* said...

Hello Sehseh .. I just happened to visit your blog (first time).. Never I expect you to post up a lot of TVB themevideos here and some excited stuffs .. I must say your blog is extremely interesting and like useful one . Anyways , may I know how you get such videos ? (=

Funn Lim said...

yuna, I think she either got it from or I think more likely she rented the VCD from the TVB shop and extracted the clips from there.

Helen said...

Is Charmaine going to be in the grand productions? Seems to me that she has never been in those super long grand series.....

Elizabeth said...

Hi1 I tried downloading them, but I have a problem.

All I get is the sound clip playing, but I don't have any visual clip. I am using Realplayer to view. Am I supposed to download a program to see it?


Kidd said...

Yuen Biao look very fit and young in Super Cops. Younger than he was in Real Kung Fung. Maybe it's just the blur image of the clip. Dunno.

These are the series I'm looking forward to see.

Devil's Disciple
This series looks good and Bosco Wong is there (this's a great incentive to see the series), plus, I love wuxia series. I don't mind the hairstyle since I consider this a fantasy series ala Stormriders (Fung Wan)

Face to Fate
A white-haired Raymond looks interesting. Besides that, I also like female cast Selina and Nancy.

La Femme Desperado
It's been a long time since I see Michael Tse in anything other than Virture of Harmony. So, this is a must see to me.

War & Destiny
The video clip looks interesting and it's been a long time since TVB has filmed anything that set in the war period (TCB doesn't count since they never show any war stuff at all in the movie).

Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion
I've been waiting for this series's release for ages. So, of course it's a must see. This is the first time Bosco star in a series that set in a era older than the Qing dynasty. I'm looking forward to seeing Bosco in pre-Qing costume.

I have a great time watching The Conqueror's Story. It's the best drama in 2004. So, I'm really looking forward to another historical drama. Having Joe Ma in it is a plus (I know a lot of people don't like him, but I do). Power Chan is another plus of the series. He is a great actor.

I think I'm the only one who is not the least bit interested in Dance Of Passion. I've already seen the advertisment clip for this series, but it did not capture my interest at all. The series just look melodramatic to me.

sehseh said...

Yes Yuna, I extracted those clips from the vcd I rented.

Helen, if I'm not mistaken the last long running gp was At the Threshold of the Era and it was like in 2000-2001.

Elizabeth, try using the regular Windows Media Player.

Kidd, now that you've mentioned Fung Wan, Im okay with the part 1 designs, but for the sequel, that is experiment gone wrong. The last series with involved war was coincidentally involving Sunny Chan. Remember that series with Vivian Chow, Patrick Tam and Fiona Leung? Love that series because back then, I lurve Vivian. What a beautiful creature!

Our wait for LWOLAP will finally end! Jan 2006!

Vivian said...

hi seh seh... This is the 1st time I visit your blog... and thanks for all the infos bout tvb dramas.. I just wanna ask, I saw the video clip of LWOLAP. And it seems Sonija Kwok's came out 1st then Charmaine's character... Does tis mean Sonija kwok is the female lead and might pair up with Raymond??

sehseh said...

Hi Vivian,

Charmaine is the main leading actress in LWOLAP. Sonija will be pairing up briefly with Raymond and later with Derek.

Kidd said...

To Sehseh:

Haha. I didn't know that. What a coincidence. Is it the story about opera? I've only seen a few episodes of the series when it's shown on TV.

sehseh said...

Yes, Vivian and Fiona was opera singer in that series. Sunny is a govt spy while Patrick is the villian. I started to pay attn to Patrick in here because he did really well. Love the ending scene where he sings the "Chor Conquerer" song.

yuNa said...

Sehseh .. Last time i tried to extract some clips from TVB vcds i rented but to no avail . How come you can do that ? Can the clips of DVDs be extracted too ?
(?.?) ??

sehseh said...

I think the problem lies in your editing software.

I'm using PowerDVD Director to edit all my clips. It's pretty good if you're looking for simple video editing.

Yes, DVD clips can be extracted too, providing that your pc have a DVDplayer and the correct program.

Vivian said...

seh seh... Thank you for the info... Mind if i ask another question?? Since Sonija is gonna pair up briefly with Raymond and later Derek... What about Bosco???

Kidd said...


Can PowerDVD Director extract songs from VCD? I want to extract the part where Raymond Cho sing 一生不变 in RDOV.

yuNa said...

I have ` PowerDVD Video ' only . Can this thing be used to edit video clips ? BUT to me , it looks not a piece of cake . Can you teach me how to edit ?? Please do guide me and give me some tips as well .

See if you can help me how .


sehseh said...

Yuna, that is just PowerDVD player, it is not the PowerDVD Director. It's entirely a different software.

Don't think you need a step by step guide. Because it is SO EASY. Just install PDVD Director, open the program, drag the clips/media into the program and start editing. It's very, very user friendly.

sehseh said...

Kidd, yes, that program should be able to extract music clip but you can just record the song directly by those mp3/wma program.

yuNa said...

BUT , sehseh , I cant find and download PowerDVD Director . Do you mind if you can send me that thing or its downloading webby ? =(( I wanna try to edit some clips badly lol . =/
Please ~~

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