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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Potato + Tomato = Pomato

Pomato. That's how I'm feeling right now. Red, stinging and swollen all over. And itchy.

It's the 3rd day since I've gotten a bad case of hives. Since resting won't help much, I pretty decided that I should go out (sneak) to online as the swellings on my face has subsided. However, my body look like a scattered world map.

I'm definitely sure this is not related to food allergy, as I am prone to hives since childhood. Even the doctors can't explain the reason or the trigger. It was 2 years ago since the last attack. Not even the expensive ginseng drink (with I painstakingly doubleboil for 4 hours) can cure me.
I will see the doctor later. Sigh~ I hate seeing doctor, and moreover if I need to have medical leave - AGAIN. It's like asking to be fired since I tool medical leave last week due to food poisoning.
Definitely bad luck here....


Anonymous said...

u can find some info abt hives from here

antihistamines may help to relieve the itchiness, ask ur doc for some. it's the same medicine which can help ur sinus too. ask for non drowsy ones. recommended brand - Zyrtec


sehseh said...

thanks shehster.

better leave the medication part to the doc.

you know, i hate hives more than any common illness.

at least i don't look like having a bad sunburn on my face.

helen said...

So sorry to hear about your hives. I don't know much about hives, but I tend to get minor cases of rashes ALL the time. That is really annoying already, I could imagine how uncomfortable you are now. I was told that one should avoid scratching the rashes even though you feel itchy. You can pat on it, but no scratch - it will only get more swollen and itchy.

Just hope you will get well soon!
Take care.

tze said...

i have rash now too all over my body and face. if you have it too i guess it must be the bad kl weather. *grimace*

yeah.. you should take zyrtec to relieve the itchiness, but it does make you kinda drowsy. go see a skin specialist, that's what i did. but be prepared for not being able to eat seafood, put on makeup - ouch, apply lotion, etc etc.

get well soon.

sehseh said...

hope you get well soon, tze.

My condition apparently has no trigger - I'm not allergic to any seafood, but if i took the wrong med, only my left eye will get swollen. But, even the doctors can't find the real cause.

So, I can only sigh and accept the reality. I will go to work if the swellings doesn't affect my face. So far, instead of drugging me silly, the anti-histamine made me a bit hyper.

No makeup? Argh.. kill me now! Anyway, thanks for your advise and also Helen, Shehster for your concern. I've seen the doc last nite but now I'm still covered with red patches.

Anonymous said...

u may be allergic to something, just that u dun know what it may be. recommend that u do a skin test to determine. better to go to the bottome of it and get it cured. as what helen said, dun scratch, just pat the affected areas to rid the itch. keep urself clean by taking warm showers. if doc prescribed u some cream, use it to relieve the itch.

take care

sehseh said...

Sigh~ I KNOW this is not due to allergic. It's my immune system.
I've seen various docs and tested for allergic. Zero feedback.

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