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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Charmaine Sheh owning HKD70 million in properties?

Today, FACE magazine reported that Charmaine's real estate properties have amassed over HKD70 million (USD9 million). 

Dynasty Heights purchased at HKD18 million, now valued HKD25 million
The Altitude purchased at HKD36 million, now valued HKD37 million
Chatham Gate purchased at HKD7.86 million, now valued at HKD8.5 million

Which means Charmaine have profited HKD8 million in terms of property value in the past 2 years! Not to mention she profited HKD10 million last year from selling off her previous properties. She's staying in Dynasty Heights since 2011 and purchased the two other properties separately this year. 

It still kind of freaks me out how reporters can dig information like this >_<

When asked about this, Charmaine denies owning HKD70 million in properties and joked that's why she have to work to earn it. Technically, I wouldn't say she's lying because obviously she have more investment that reporter knows, hehehehe....

p.s. Anyway FACE magazine cover this week is of course Charmaine and her rumored new beau. As usual, I don't translate tabloid stories, but here's some pictures of Charmaine and her assistant at HK airport after RADO event. Apparently, she missed her flight but she still thanked the airport officers for their assistance.

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