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Friday, April 01, 2011

Charmaine Sheh changing new boss and residence

[Next Magazine Issue 1099 31/03/2011]

Note: As this is from a gossip magazine, please read with a pinch of salt

Charmaine Sheh's management contract with TVB ended in March this year. Despite TVB's utmost effort in retaining her, Charmaine has already made her decision to leave. There are rumors that she will be signing with a newly established production company in Mainland China, and for starters she will be in a leading role in [If You Are the One]. Later, she will have the opportunity to work with Mainland China 'TV King' Sun Hong Lei in the grand production costume series [Cao Cao]. Her filming fees reached RMB150, 000 per episode; equaling Mainland China's first leading actresses' league.

Earlier, Charmaine profited HKD8 million after selling off her 'fengshui' apartment in North Point. Apparently Charmaine also purchased a new apartment in Dynasty Heights worth HKD18 million earlier this year.

Double temptation

Seeing that Charmaine's contract is expiring soon, TVB took the initiative to approach her after anniversary award last year. They have repeatedly offered generous and unprecedented benefits, hoping to make her stay. Insider says: "TVB treats Charmaine really well; the renewal contract terms are really attractive. Unfortunately, the offer made by Mainland China production company is way above their level. Charmaine felt that if she missed this opportunity, it might not come by again. In the end, she decided to leave TVB."

According to sources, there are a few Mainland China production companies extending invitation to Charmaine at the same time. Among them is a newly established company that prepared a comprehensive plan for her to expand into the Mainland movie industry. "They managed to accept 3 grand production series for Charmaine by Huayi Brothers in one go. Apart from the TV version of [IYATO], she will also be filming costume series [Cao Cao] with Sun Hong Lei, and another modern series [Model]. Her filming fee reached RMB150, 000 per episode, far higher than Ada Choi and Sheren Tang. It's considered the fees for Mainland China's first leading actresses' league. In addition, they promised to secure 4 advertisements for Charmaine in 3 years, with guaranteed fees of RMB5 million per endorsement. They will also help her to expand into the Mainland China movie market. With these conditions, of course anyone will be tempted!"

Giving face to maternal home

With 3 guaranteed series in hand, plus the temptation of multimillion advertisement deals, Charmaine allegedly has signed contract and officially started with the new agency. These include slimming company advertisement and a beverage endorsement which will be introduced in May. All these are preparations made to launch her career in Mainland China market.

Though Charmaine is treated well by her new employer, she understands that she owes her current popularity to TVB careful nurturing throughout the years. She doesn't wish to severe her ties with her maternal home because of money. In the end, she decides to change another collaboration format with TVB.

"They have been going back and forth on the issue of contract renewal for quite some time. In the end, Charmaine agreed to sign 3 years of per series contract with TVB, filming 30 episodes of series every year. If she couldn't fulfill the annual episodes, then the period will be automatically extended. TVB simply want to keep Charmaine and does not wish to see her going to other TV stations!" according to TVB insider.

According the industry information, a cable station is going to receive free to air TV license from Hong Kong Broadcast Authority. As they also produced a variety of programs, this greatly threatened TVB who used to monopoly this section. With the growing troubles both externally (new competition) and internally (artistes leaving TVB), TVB is adamant in keeping Charmaine.

Purchasing property without hesitation

Rising from HK TV Queen to Mainland China Fadan, Charmaine's income increased as well. End of last year, she successfully sold her apartment in North Point for HKD13 million, earning a profit of HKD8 million compared to when she first purchased it during SARS period.

With her profits from real estate investment, she doesn't hesitate to purchase new property despite the current lukewarm market price. She bought an approximately 1600 square feet unit in Dynasty Heights worth HKD18 million and reportedly signed the mortgage in late January. Though Dynasty Heights does not offer open sea view like the previous North Point apartment, it was surrounded by hills and provided more privacy; the main reason why Charmaine was willing to spend over HKD10 million.

Located atop the exclusive Beacon Hill in Kowloon, Dynasty Heights are divided into three types of complexes with 22 units each. Each unit measures from 816 – 1564 square feet. The highest complex is Skylodge, with extended wide balcony. Some units have sea view as well. Due to the luxury clubhouse and recreation facilities (combined area of 200, 000 square feet) and the additional privacy, Dynasty Heights is a popular choice for celebrities home.

Do not repost. Pictures credit to KuangaiTVB BBS.

Sehseh: Tianyi TV didn't indicate Charmaine will be taking part in [Cao Cao], therefore this part must be lazy copy & paste oversight from the Next Mag reporter.

(Speaking of Next, Charmaine will be attending Next TV Awards held on April 6th!)

As for the new endorsements, Charmaine will be endorsing a fusion tea brand called 'Fei Cha 6+1'. The slimming company is Perfect Shape, which she accidentally revealed in her weibo two days ago.

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