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Monday, February 11, 2013

Charmaine Sheh invested tens of millions in luxury property

[Mingpao 11/02/13]

TVB Best Series [When Heaven Burns] main cast Charmaine Sheh, Bowie Lam, Moses Chan, Kenny Wong, Angel Chiang, Ronald Law, Stanley Cheung, Kelvin Leung and Yeung Chiu Hoi gathered last evening to sign the ending themesong [Ignorance of Youth] at Lunar New Year countdown event held at Citywalk Mall. The song, as popular at the series itself has worn swept numerous awards. Among the guests, Charmaine was the most relaxed one. While the others sang to entertain the audiences, she took the task of playing games and judging.

Admit getting in touch with EEG

Charmaine laughed: “This is the organizer’s arrangement. I’m very happy and relaxed for this event. (Did you receive lucrative appearance fee?) Ok, consider as new year income.” Regarding the rumors of her buying a luxury property worth nearly HKD40 million in Happy Valley, she said: “This is an investment. I’m not planning to move in. Nowadays properties cost around 8-figure sum anyway. I won’t be discussing about the actual price. (Someone already offered more than HKD40 million to buy the unit from you?) Yes, someone already offered to buy from me not long afterward. However, I have no immediate plan to sell it off; I’m keeping it slightly longer. (Do you still feel optimistic about the current real estate market?) I hope so, I hope Hong Kong’s market continue to grow, along with global economy as well.”

Lamenting being date-less for Valentine’s Day

What about the reports of her being the 1st Sister of EMP (Emperor Motion Pictures, the movie subsidiary of EEG)? Charmaine expressed: “We did have a discussion with EEG, but it’s not as exaggerated as reported (referring to the HKD50 million offer) as we have not reached payment negotiation yet. (Meeting [WHB] cast again, do you miss your maternal home TVB?) I feel happy everytime I see them, I hope we will have the opportunity to collaborate again.” Asked to reveal her Valentine’s Day plans, Charmaine lamented: “No one asked me out. Hope this year I can find a lover, thank you for your concern.”

Additional news translation from Oriental Daily

Charmaine point out that Timmy Hung’s baby resemble daddy. Asked when is her turn to have baby, she said: “I have so many friends’ babies to play with. I don’t have a date this Valentine, will concentrate on earning money!”

Artistes also gave out angpow (red packets containing money) during Lunar New Year celebration, and so did Charmaine during the countdown event. Among artistes this year, Charmaine gave the most generous amount of HKD200 per lucky packet.

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