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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Forensic Heroes 2 recaps (episode 3-4) + themesong

Themesong (full version) - 遗留(Traces) by Edmond Leung

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Subtheme by Charmaine Sheh (ripped version, 51 secs)

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Clips credit to Ivy and Pat Pat.

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Note: Some spoilers below.

Episode 3 & 4 unfold with more development on Belle's personality, the red flag in Tim Sir & Siu Yau's relationship and also Ivan's past with Sam.

Belle approached Siu Yau regarding updates on Jing Hung's murder case. With the help of Tim Sir & Sam, they finally arrested the murderer. Belle unexpectedly turned emotional hearing the confession and stormed out of the room leaving everyone puzzled. Siu Yau began to understand that maybe there is something more beneath the icy cold surface of Belle. She helped Belle in giving Jing Hung's last birthday gift to his 8 years old son.

Ivan is Sam's buddy during their delinquent years - Ivan attempted to rob Sam at knifepoint but ended up being kicked in the ass by Sam. Because they were both orphans, they became good friends. They lost contact for 15 years after Ivan followed his aunt (albeit unwillingly) to UK. Like Sam, the present Ivan is a witty and easy going person.

Sam & Ting Ting are busy preparing their wedding, which is approaching in matter of days. Since Ting Ting could not wear high heels, Sam suggested that they should wear sneakers instead. The sneakers that Ting Ting likes did not have her size, therefore the uber sweet Sam decide to go DIY and make her a pair of similar crystal sneakers. Ting Ting constantly share their romantic stories with Siu Yau, making the latter feeling a little envious as Tim is completely opposite of Sam. To make the matter worse, Siu Yau misunderstood that Tim is proposing to her. When Tim finally get the clue, he was snubbed on their proposal dinner.

Meanwhile, when Ivan accompanied his cousin to shopping, he mistook Belle as his cousin and wrapped a shawl on her shoulder. Belle was of course pissed, thinking that Ivan was trying to hit on her. Ivan was apologetic and asked his cousin to explain for him as she was also trying on the same dress. Even though Ivan tried diffuse the situation by complimenting Belle's look, she still appeared annoyed and gave him the cold shoulder.

Belle finally cracked the billion dollar drug case but the suspect was killed in a car explosion. Unfortunately, Ting Ting and Siu Yau was also critically injured by the blast....

Poor Sam, poor Ting Ting. Though I disliked Ting Ting in season 1, they are a lovely couple in season 2 and it's such a tragedy that Sam lost his love just two days before their wedding. I hope Siu Yau won't blame herself not being able to save Ting Ting.

As for Belle, episode 3-4 shows that this Madam is not as cold as perceived.She cared a lot for Jing Hung and his family and she knows that Jing Hung is a good husband and father. In a way she blamed herself not being able to help Jing Hung fulfill his son's birthday wish.

Though I'm rooting for Sam & Belle in future's storyline, I can't help but feel that Ivan is the person destined for Belle. Okay, I admit I sneaked peek at the AOD trailers. Ivan is an optimistic and cheerful person, he might be the perfect guy for a depressed character like Belle. Yes, depressing is the right keyword for Belle after reading her character background.

Next week Belle will be transferred to Crime Unit, Siu Yau woke up from coma and Ivan will join the Forensic Team.

Also, the coming issue of TVB magazine will be featuring FH2 cast. Scans credit to jessica3_2005 from

p.s. I hate Imeem. I've been trying to upload the full themesong for the last 1 hour and it's still at 20%. Arghhh!!!!

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