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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Forensic Heroes 2 (AOD clips)

Warning: Contain Spoilers

Themesong 遗留 (Traces) by Edmond Leung

Preview 1

Preview 2

Bobby & Frankie

Preview 3

Preview 4

Preview 5

Preview 6

Preview 7

Preview 8

Preview 9

Preview 10

Preview 11

Preview 12

Preview 13

Preview 14

* Added June 18, 2008:

Preview 15

Preview 16

Clips credit to Ivy & Patricia. For download of the clips, you can visit her site here.

Ooohh... Madam Ma rocks! She's so cool and aloof. From the clips, i really enjoyed her chemistry with Yoyo. Looking forward for more clip updates!

p.s. Note that Madam Ma rank is SIP (Senior Inspector Police) when she flashed her badge.


Advo said...

Great clips, Sehseh! I can't wait till FH2 airs. From the clip, it seemed like Charmaine has a higher rank than all the others? You said she was a SIP? I was just wondering what everyone else is then?

sehseh said...

Charmaine's rank is same as Yoyo. Yoyo did not salute her when Charmaine flashed her badge, indicating that they are peers. In addition, if Charmaine's rank is higher than Yoyo, she would have spoke directly to her superior instead. I'm not sure on the terminology of ranks for forensic department.

Charmaine's character is quite cold and curt (hence irritating Yoyo and her staffs as it appears as rude and ordering them around). But Madam Ma isn't purposely rude, she wants to do things without wasting them, hence she doesn't want to elaborate on her actions.

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