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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Next Magazine TV Award 2006

The results are out! The Top 10 ranking was in my expectation except for one or two person. Anyway, I'm glad that Charmaine retained her spot in Top 10 for five years in a row, though she was only ranked 9 due to her series low rating in HK.

Apart from Charmaine, the regulars are Jessica Hsuan (6th entry), Roger Kwok (3rd entry), Liza Wang (4th entry), Kenix Kwok (9th entry - a big surprise, I thought Jessica had more) and Moses Chan (3rd entry). As for the 'newcomers', I expected Angela to be in Top 3 due to her over-popularity in LMS. Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu's entry were expected and Bernice Liu's was a surprise as I honestly thought Ron Ng will make it to the list again.

Below is my previous post for last year's award:
Last year's results and pictorial (previous few years also included).
Last year's award ceremony.

What I never expected is that Bobby Au was not in the list again. Do you know that Bobby has been in the Top 10 list since 1994 till 2003? I'm quite relieved that Michelle Ye did not make it to the Top 10, after all the tabloid coverage she's getting lately. Strange enough, Raymond Lam never made the Top 10 list. When is his turn? Don't tell me that next year Kevin Cheng and Kenneth Ma made it but he's not.

I'm feeling a bit evil today. I have to say I'm also absolutely estatic that 'you-know-who' (aka the actress with insane fans) did not make it to the list this year. Feel free to guess...

I'm wondering about TVB Popularity Award, but I won't take the results seriously anyway. Who will, compared to Next Magazine Award?

Below is the complete list of winners this year, courtesy of Kitson and McDull:

Top 10 Artist:

1. Angela Tong - 5103 Vote
Like the previous years, this year's approach was also a sexy one. I heard that they copied Vanity Fair poses, but hey, the last few wasn't exactly original, either. Actually, I think it's quite fun trying to copy the poses.

2. Jessica Hsuan - 4048 Vote
I like her evening dress. I know perm was the 'rage' these days but really wished that they swept her hair up or at least do something.

3. Bosco Wong - 3031 Vote
I like Bosco, but I'm not prepared to see him in swimming trunk - yet! Anyway, congrats to Bosco.

A New Hope - Bosco Wong Chung Chak
The story begins two years ago.That year, “Triumph in the Skies” was a big hit. Ron Ng Cheuk Hei and Bosco Wong Chung Chak took off at the same time. However, there was only one award for the Most Potential Male Actor. In the end, this award was given to the one who had more screen time but smiled relatively less - Ron Ng.

They started at the same time, but slowly, one of them was rising higher and higher. Recall an interview with Bosco last year, he was still deeply troubled by all the negative press. He knew full well that regaining his reputation wasn’t something that would happen overnight. He openly said that he didn’t mind looking up to Ron as a target at all. There was no jealousy nor envy.

It takes a hundred years to build a city, but it only takes a half a day to destroy one. All of a sudden, Ron and Bosco’s roles switched. Bosco’s image suddenly took a 180 degrees turn. First in “War of In-Laws”, he captured the hearts of females of all ages. Then in “Life Made Simple”, he played an extremely likable character that turned from evil to good. Both were hit series, and he starred in both. Not to mention, the ever-so-popular rumours with Myolie also greatly appealed to the audience.

As a man, you don’t have to always be cool and unapproachable, to be loved by many. Translations credit to

4. Roger Kwok - 2897 Vote
What was the photographer thinking?! What was Roger thinking?!

5. Liza Wang - 1845 Vote
This pose was okay so I have nothing much to comment.

6. Kenix Kwok - 1802 Vote
Her summer dress was cute but the picture doesn't really focus on her face though.

7. Myolie Wu - 1764 Vote
I've seen this pose countless time and Myolie manage to pull it off nicely.

8. Bernice Liu - 1715 Vote
High temperature alert! Sexy, sexy picture of Bernice. There's room for improvement in facial expression, but who really cares when all the attention will be drawn to the neck down?

9. Charmaine Sheh - 1539 Vote
I love it when Charmaine do those bareback poses. She does have a gorgeous back and shoulders. My brief translation for the accompanying article:

Five - Charmaine Sheh
WAB dominated the awards last year, but everything has changed this year. Sheren Tang, Gigi Lai and Maggie Cheung were not in here. Of all the 4 leading actress, only Charmaine has not fallen from popularity.

This can be considered as an achievement. Being listed back and forth for 5 years in a row, only Charmaine can achieve this. Five years ago when I (journalist) first prepared for Next Magazine award, that was also the first time Charmaine won. In front and behind the camera, she was full of anticipation. Also remembered was how she described the way she studies her characters, putting effort for each role. For five years, when the time comes, we will meet again just like an appointment. Charmaine has not changed much, she still enjoy revealing the how exciting her new series was, and the challenges while playing her role…

If everyone else has the same kind of enthusiasm, the world will become more wonderful.

p.s. When the journalist mentioned that Charmaine was the only one who made it five years in a row, he/she was comparing to Sheren (2004), Maggie (2002, 03, 04) and Gigi (2004). Other none WAB fadans who has made repeated win more than 5 years in a row are Kenix (95-99), Flora (97-03) and Jessica (00-05).

10. Moses Chan - 1519 Vote
Sexy and provocative, Moses doesn't need the extra company at all.

Most Potential Award (Male)
Amigo Chui - 5812 Vote
Pardon my ignorance, but who?

Most Potential Award (Female)
Fiona Sit - 5719 Vote
Erm... I would have preferred someone like Niki Chow.

Top 10 Program/Series
1. War of In-Laws - 5154 Vote
2. Life Made Simple - 4997 Vote
3. Revolving Doors Of Vengeance - 4573 Vote
4. The Academy - 4172 Vote
5. When Rules Turn Lose - 3022 Vote
6. Minutes To Fame - 3019 Vote
7. Yummy Yummy - 2611 Vote
8. Healing Hands III - 2604 Vote
9. Always Ready - 2533 Vote
10. Central Affairs ( ATV ) - 2441 Vote

Most Feminine Beautiful Awards

Jessica Hsuan
The dress was quite sexy. Looks good.

Most Exquisite Acting Awards

Myolie Wu
I don't really like this picture. The feeling is a little unnatural.

Most Lively and Energetic Award

Bosco Wong
Hmm... the theme for the extra awards seems to be focused on colors. Pretty funky hair and pose for Bosco.

Most Charming New Generation Star Award

Fiona Sit

Most Sparkling Charm Award

Bernice Liu
Similar with Myolie's pink pose, this was also a little unnatural.

Most Beautiful Skin Award

Linda Chung
Nice pose. I think she deserved this award, because her skin was really crystal clear in Always Ready.

Most Beautiful Hair Award

Anne Heung
Anne's been really low-key lately so I'm pleasantly surprised that she won here. Never paid attention to her hair before.

Most Potential Extraordinary Artist Awards

Roger Kwok
For his role in Square Pegs? Yes. For Life Made Simple? No!

For the complete list of past winners, please visit Kitson's site. All images belongs to


bao said...

funny.. i thought i was the only one feeling evil today. my 'heart' was very 'chilly'

amigo is a host of scoop, ebuzz, jsg, and also various ceremonies and i think he is a darn good one given his age and experience.

i'm very happy fiona won for not only one but two awards. i personally think she has oodles of potential. the academy might not have been a good representative work for her.. she was better in 2 Young (movie), and i don't know, even though in technical aspects she may still be lacking, but she really makes me feel for her characters.

lastly, most happy about Charmaine, YY & AR making the cut this year. :)

koecharmaine said...

so happy that Charmaine managed to retain her positions as Top Artists in the Next Magazine Awards. Hope next year Charmaine will get higher position and would be better if she gets first. The most unexpected was Angela Tong can get first. Honestly, she does not deserve to be first

Range said...

Yes, I am also rather satisfied that you-know-who didn't get into the Top 10. Very evil indeed but I can't help it! You-know-who just doesn't deserve it, in my opinion.

I agree with you about Raymond, sehseh, and as for Fiona, I don't like her. Not sure why.

And yay about her two series making it!

sehseh said...

Actually, I have nothing personal against you-know-who, after all I only dislike her acting but not her real person.

However, I'm bizarrely gleeful when imagining her annoying fans expression and refusal to accept reality.

~sehseh making silly dances~ :P

christina said...

pretty sad that raymond didnt make it! oh well! at least charm made it!

Funn Lim said...

None of them were exactly sexy, just a varying degree of looking rather cheap. Especially the women. Sexy is not this type of poses or looks. BUT the men, well ermm I think Moses looked pretty artistic but overbearingly artistic. Charm's picture was not special. THe make up, the lightning. Why her back when her greatest asset is her tiny waist? Why not show THAT?

But Jess gave me a shock. Looking puffy, old and god awful with that hairstyle.

Wrong wrong wrong. HK does not know how to do sexy and frankly none of these stars, Bernice included can be called sexy.

Funn Lim said...

Erm sehseh, who is that actress with insane fans? Anyone I like?

By the way Anne with most beautiful hair? I disagree. She should be most feminine.

sehseh said...

Erm sehseh, who is that actress with insane fans? Anyone I like?

I think she's far from your favorite actress list *gasp for breath*

Funn Lim said...

I kept forgetting to write this. I just browsed through the awards ceremony and frankly they all looked better in person on those pictures (especially jess who looks healthy) THAN in these pictures.

Funn Lim said...

Oh THAT ONE! Yeah lor, why she is not in the list? I thought she is so famous?

sehseh said...

The hype is gone, so is she on the ranking. If you're rooting for her, don't worry bcoz she'll be back next year if DOP goes well.

The same is for Angela. If she have nothing outstanding by end of this year, it's most probably adieus as well.

meme said...

Woo hoo, Bernice is really hot, sehseh! But one thing I disagree on is the 'Linda Chung' thing. I have noticed (very particular about clear skin myself) that Linda Chung had quite a lot of spots, here and there, sometimes on forehead, one time on chin, another time on nose from time to time throughout the series.

In fact, I was just thinking to myself as I watched the series....I have better skin than her. Why is she Miss Chinese International and I am Miss star-critic-series-chasing-fanatic'?


Anonymous said...

disagree on Linda Chung, I can soo see her pimples, especially on the forehead, lots of them.

Anonymous said...

I'm really sorry, but I still have no idea who has insane fans.


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