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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Detailed results of Next Magazine TV Award 2005 + Pics

Thanks to Kitson for providing the link to

Official Site:

Top 10 Artist

1.Sheren Tang 5,050 votes

(Breakfast At Tiffany's)

2.Bowie Lam 2,955 votes


3.Jessica Hsuan 2,326 votes

(Pulp Fiction)

4.Charmaine Sheh 2,229 votes


5.Maggie Cheung 1,991 votes

(Moulin Rouge)

6.Gigi Lai 1,789 votes


7.Moses Chan 1,446 votes


8.Kenix Kwok 1,372 votes

(Pretty Woman)

9.Dayo Wong 1,168 votes

(The Usual Suspects)

10.Ron Ng 1,094 votes

(Men In Black)

Top 10 Best Series

1.War and Beauty 5,051 votes
2.To Catch the Uncatchable 3,374 votes
3.The Super Trio Show 2,455 votes
4.My Family 2,033 votes
5.A Handful Of Love 1,693 votes
6.To Get Unstuck In Time 1,232 votes
7.VOH II 1,214 votes
8.開心大發現 (ATV Series) 1,190 votes
9.Blade Heart 1,022 votes
10.有線娛樂新聞 989 votes

Most Potential / Best Newcomer Award

最有前途男藝人: 方力申 (Alex Fong Lik Sun) 4,126 votes

(Forrest Gump)

最有前途女藝人: 曹敏莉 (Mandy Cho) 2,864 votes

(Kill Bill)

Other Sponsor's Awards 贊助商大獎

OMIZ傑出品味藝人大獎: 陳豪 (Moses Chan)

奇華餅家最優異演員大獎: 黎姿 (Gigi Lai)

GIORMANI精彩角色演繹大獎: 林保怡 (Bowie Lam)

PHILIPS星勢非凡大獎: 古巨基 (Leo Ku)

豐金至尊最有氣質藝人大獎: 宣萱 (Jessica Hsuan)

HAPPY SHOP長青藝人大獎: 陳秀珠 (Rebecca Chan)

(Far From Heaven)

Ferti "Style & Chic" 藝人大獎: 胡杏兒 (Myolie Wu)


SINOMAX健康時尚生活大獎: 陳豪 (Moses Chan)

鑽石能量水健康活力大獎: 楊思琦 (Shirley Yeung)

(Tomb Raider)

現代美容中心纖體之星大獎: 張敏 (Cheung Man)

纖悅健康風采美態之星大獎: 郭可盈 (Kenix Kwok)


Anonymous said...

I like these pictures. So fun! Wish we could do them. It's definately a break from the normal pix we took.


sehseh said...

Yeah, we could take the theme from "The Usual Suspect"


Anonymous said...

hmm did Mandy Cho and that guy (sorry i don't know his name ^^) really film an asian version of Forest Gump and Kill Bill? jw. thanks =)

sehseh said...

of coz not. they're just using hollywood movies theme for the pictures

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