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Sunday, March 19, 2006

LWOLAP Fanmade MV - Coral Sea

Haha, finally finished making the MV for LWOLAP. First, I would like to thank Viet for recommending this song: Coral Sea (珊瑚海) by Jay Chou & Lara.

I have to apologize because I gave up putting in chinese lyrics. I even upgraded my software (it claims to be 'multilanguage' and yet it still can't recognise chinese characters). I did consider placing english translated lyrics instead but they're plain weird.

As this is my first time making MV, it'll definitely not be as good as those 'experts' like Cheryl, Geliguolu etc. However, please do leave some comment on my first 'child'.

There are two type of format for you to choose, which are wmv. and mpeg. format. The wmv was of course smaller in size but the latter has better quality, though it's quite large. Go ahead and take your pick:

FHL & CMY MV - Coral Sea

Mpeg. format, 42.9mb with higher quality

Wmv. format, 18.6mb

Lyrics and translations can be found here.

In addition, there's some new MV, one for LWOLAP and another for ROTC.

1. FHL - CMY - Kao Chong mv. I must praise Man255dy for being so creative in the storyline! For narration, please visit Range's site.

2. ROTC MV, thanks to Qingwa for uploading it. Certainly brought back a lot of bittersweet memories. After all, CC is still my numero uno on-screen couple!

Enjoy the MVs! Previous LWOLAP MVs can be found here.


bao said...

hey sehseh

i like the feel of your MV, it's lighter than the other ones posted previously.. and what i like most about it is the fading effect and the pace (it feels slower than usual). i especially like the beginning scenes. but the song can be a bit distracting at times (the part where it got louder)

Helen said...

The ROTC MV makes me cry. Gosh. After so many years, I still feel strongly for Man chor and guan ho. JC is really a pair made in heaven. Thank you for sharing this great MV! where did you find it?
As I said in the chatbox. JC is forever although I am so addicted to Charray now! I think it is still a crush stage. We'll see if this pair can become a classic!

I love your MV too! I like the pacing and the music very much. The scenes are great too. Less dramatic, but very soothing and heartwarming.....

LiLi said...

hahah tambien es mi numero uno! (it's also my number one)...;) sweet mv!

sehseh said...

Thanks for supporting. I think I might attempt on a crossover MV (YummyYummy+LWOLAP) since I have the whole YummyYummy. But will need time lah~

Qingwa emailed me the ROTC mv, which was made by Thailand fans. Yes, Charmaine's starting to have fans in Thailand!!!

Yeah, the chorus part in my MV was a bit loud. The only thing I regret is my inept ability to put chinese lyrics. Well, I guess I'll let those who understand mandarin to be the judge whether the scenes flows with the lyrics or not ... hehe

Range said...

Dear sehseh,

Your MV is very dreamy :). Soothing but it's a bit too slow. I hope you don't mind constructive criticism :). I think you should try cutting down the scenes as in, you know when Raymond is doing that dramatic slow-motion-turn-around-and-look-at-you thing, it kinda makes the MV a little flat. Why not cut down the wait? Something like that.

LOL But overall I like it :). It's much better than the MVs of some who deem themselves as 'constant makers'. It's a THUMBS UP for a first time! :)

sehseh said...

Range, thanks for the pointers. I'll definitely have your advise in mind if I make another mv.

Anonymous said...

Qingwa said...

sehseh, what I mean in the e-mail is...

Chilam's Thai fan informed me and upload this clip for me. She told me that, she's got this clip from

Then I just reuploaded the clip again and inform you. ROTC MV wasn't made by Chilam's Thai fan.

Really sorry for my bad language.

People please don't misunderstand. ROTC MV was made by Chilam fan in but I don't know who.

Sorry again.

Anonymous said...

Qingwa said again...

Thank you for creating LWOLAP MV sehseh. I like your creation. (I'm not good at describing but just want to tell you that I like your MV a lots)

sehseh said...

Sorry to Qingwa over the mix-up :P

I love the song in that ROTC mv? Who sang that? It sounded like Rene Liu...

Love the part where:

"You said: Don't Cry
I said: Won't Cry..."

sehseh said...

Haha, it IS Rene Liu's.

一次幸福的机会 (A chance at happiness)


Can be dl here:

GeLiGuoLu said...

A beautiful first child - sweet, precious, and have the right genes...haha.

Hope you don't mind some pointers: The editing is clean, which is great bcuz I've seen a lot of sloppy MVs. Basically have the same comment as Range. The scenes could be shortened especially when not much is going on visually - I mean if he's being stabbed, that's different. Since this song is moderato and accelerando, it's ok to have slow transitions in the beginning, but as the music picks up tempo, so should the transitions. This is what makes the song seem distracting, cuz the song is going one way and the video is not following, vice versa.
Your edit would work great with a song like "Realize".

Can't wait to see your next MV. Crossover, huh? Should be interesting.

Anonymous said...

the movie is so kool i love raymond and charmaine together they look so sweet together ^_^ i hope there are more videos like this. this movie gave me this warm fuzzy feeling inside =]and i like how each picture fades slowly. GOOD JOB!!!! love lethal weapons of love and passion <3

becky said...

thanxs sheh sheh for the new movie i love it its so sweet. it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and i love raymond and charmaine together. love letahl weapons of love and passion <3 hope there are more videos like this!!! i think this is the best movie i've ever seen ^_^ and love the music and the parts of the movie!!

sehseh said...

Thanks for all the comments. I learned a lot tips from your advises :)

I might attempt on crossover MV but I'll need to extract scenes from Yummy Yummy, which can be a headache as I forget which scenes in which episodes! ARGH~

But I already have a relatively fast/relaxing music in my mind... the only problem is my YummyYummy is in vcd format so I can't remove the subtitles!

Very pressured since you all have high standards :P

becky said...

lol thanks so much seh seh for all your hard work i really appreciate this i cant wait till your finished yummy yummy i bet its going to be great wish i could help once again thanks so much seh seh ^__^

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