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Friday, March 24, 2006

Ent Scoop clip: DOP preview event

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Download the clip. Originate from ent scoop.

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Ada elaborated on how her character status was higher than the others:

"I feel so proud, Maggie Siu and Charmaine Sheh called me "Por Por" (means mother-in-law). Hahaha... turned into a 'granny'. At first I feel it's a bit awkward, calling me "Por Por", but later on it feels quite fun, because my character can scold them. It's a breakthrough for me."

Ada divulging Moses secret:

Ada:(laughs) Because he feared Kenny Wong's chest will be broader than his...
Moses: Well, he does have a broader chest...
Ada: Moses will do push-up exercise before filming scenes with Kenny, because they have to display their chest! You know, they have to remove their top to film!
Moses: (half joking) Everytime we exchange dialogue, I have to hold my breath (expanding his chest, speaks in manly voice) "What are you talking about huh?" (laughs)

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Moses being teased for being always on the phone:

(Was the reception clear there?) Yes, clear. (So, was your conversation with Bernice clear?) What? Couldn't hear that... (pretending to be innocent)

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Gigi on her abuse scenes with Bowie:

Bowie: This was under Gigi's request. I told her we could manipulate the slapping scenes using camera angle, she said "No, Bowie you should really hit me. It's more 'feel' this way". Ask her yourself, I didn't lie.
Gigi: (laughs) Yes, because I want to give the audiences a more realistic feel. We are very serious during filming, all props, costumes are of high quality, so even a slap cannot be trifle.

p.s. Ada & Moses are so funny in their interview~ LOL


Freddy said...

Thanks Sehseh... for the clips.

Unfortunately, why Charmaine didn't appear?

sehseh said...

She's filming Phoenix Quartet... it should be wrapping up filming by now.

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