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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Yummy Yummy mag scan and function!

Yummy Yummy article scan in this week TVB Magazine. Many thanks to Ilsunjo, P-Chan and Ka Ka. Scans from

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*Updated 27 July 2005 (Wednesday)*
Brief translation for the articles above. Sorry, the words are quite small so it's difficult for a non-chinese educated person like me to read out all the words clearly. I started to squint my eyes 2 hours from reading them so I'll just post the relevant information here for the time being. Luckily, I found a larger version of the scan from so I'll go home and try to translate them in detail tomorrow, ok?

Page 1
Yummy Yummy - 5 struggling youth
Five yound people from different places, cultural and family background encounter one another in Yummy Yummy food competition. Four participant have their own goal to join the contest while another is a temporary nanny. In fighting for the championship, they met a lot of obstacles, arguments, misunderstanding and hostility which slowly moulded their precious friendship.
Will they emerge champion? Who is the ultimate winner?
Or the real challenge start after the competition ends?

Page 2
Yummy Yummy centered around 5 youth's struggle to achieve their goals. Five people with different personalities, whilst cooperating with their teammates to win, constantly bicker with one another. In the end, there can only be one winner. Will they choose friendshp? Or personal gain?

Kevin Cheng as Chan Ka Lok - Happy go lucky chicken seller
Nickname "Chicken". His family own a chicken stall at HK wet market. He joined the contest solely for it's challenge and a chance to tour Singapore. At first, he disliked Goose Master (Raymond's character) because he think Goose is just fooling around. In addition, Goose went missing during a competition round, making him angry and threatened to kick him out from the team. Later Chicken realised it was just misunderstanding and the team bounced back to victory.

Caption: Chicken is the hot favorite to win the competition because of his intelligence and never say die attitude. He manage to convince Goose not to give up on the competition.

Raymond Lam as Yau Hock Lai - Useless 2nd generation rich heir
Nicknamed as Goose Master. His father is a renowned entepreneur in food business and he have 3 capable elder sister. Has the characteristic of rich little kid, like to boast but in reality he is pretty useless, have a habit of doing things halfway. He tried to do business, but everytime he fails and has to depend on his family to cover up for him. Egoistical but chilvarous at heart. His motto: "If you think you can, you can!"
His motive in joining the competition: His constant failure has wounded his 'manly pride' therefore he want to prove to his family that he is a capable person by winning the competition.

Caption: Goose thought that himself is he hot favorite to win because he is confident and articulate, but he caused his team to lose in the first round. He met Yuko, a rich girl from Singapore and saw his own shadow in her.

Tavia Yeung as Chow Zhi Yan - Timid and troublesome girl
Nicknamed as "Lemon", she is a very filial daughter and take over the family business after her father fell ill. Among the 4, she is the weakest but also the most persistent. Eventhough she know it's hopeless, she will still say "Can, can, I can do it!" Her purpose in joining the contest is to win the grand prize of a shop lot in HK because her father business is failing.

Caption: Together with her team, Lemon suffered in all the challenges but refused to give up because she has to win this competition.

Ben Yeo as Terry Wong Fook Sang - Naive and filial son
Born and raised in Singapore, Terry's mother has high hopes for him. She believed that only university will make Terry succeed in life, so she was very strict and forces him to listen and do what she commands. "It's for your own good".
Terry joined the contest not for the prize neither to prove his capabilities. He just want to go to Hong Kong and look for his missing girlfriend.

Caption: Terry is a guy who will never say 'no'. When he encounter setbacks, he will just smile and say "Right, right, right!" Terry's mother want him to re-take his entry examination into university.

Charmaine Sheh as Mandy Chow Man Hei - The righteous, pretty nanny
Mandy is a PR executive at the TV station. Because lack of manpower, she was forced to babysit the contestants. With a strong sense of responsibility, she put the contestant importance above all. She handled Terry disappearance, solved the trouble caused by Goose pranks, and took care of Lemon. She was against the producer unethical method to increase the show rating, thus she was fired and unable to return to the TV field again.

Caption: Goose always caused neverending trouble for Mandy. Because of Yuko, Goose called Mandy to help him settle his problem with her. Mandy found out that Lemon was harrased by the producer and speak out to help Lemon get justice.

Path of Youth
The real story begins after the Yummy Yummy competition ended.

1. Goose thought after winning the competition, he can return to his old habit "4th Young Master". However...

2. Chicken's parent was against his decision to help Terry...

3. With Mandy's help, Lemon's father started to recover from his illness. Missing the ex-team mates, Lemon asked Chicken to arrange an reunion.

4. Terry wanted to find his girlfriend and stayed at HK. Chicken and Goose pitied his bad luck so Chicken brought Terry to stay with him...

5. Mandy was jobless after being fired from her job. She missed Goose and gang after seeing the competition re-runs on TV...

The People
Yellow Team
Shaun Chen as Ng Sai Hou 吴世豪
??? as Rambo Cheung Kin Keong 张建强
Ericia Lee as Ho Mei Si 何美思 (big tooth)
??? as Li Kei 李琪 (Tofu girl)

Blue Team
Kevin Cheng as Chan Ka Lok (Gai Zai)
Tavia Yeung as Chow Zhi Yan (Lemon)
Ben Yeo as Terry Wong Fook Sang
Raymond Lam as Yau Hock Lai (Ngor Siew)

Charmaine Sheh as Mandy Chow Man Hei
Mark Kwok as Marco (Mandy's boyfriend)
Michelle Chia as Yuko Leong ? San

As mentioned earlier, TVB is going to have 2 event to promote Yummy Yummy, which premiers on 1st August 2005. The events are as follow: (source from Fung's Label)

日期: 7月27日(星期三)
時間: 11:45
地點: 尖沙咀美麗華酒店頂樓泳池
活動: 劇集《Yummy Yummy》首個宣傳活動

Date: July 27th (Wed)
Time: 11:45 am
Venue: Hotel Miramar swimming pool
Event: Yummy Yummy promotional event

日期: 7月30日(星期六)
時間: 16:00-1730(預計)
地點: 黃金海岸沙灘
活動: 劇集《Yummy Yummy》沙灘排球比賽

Date: 30th July (Sat)
Time: 4:00 - 6:30 pm
Venue: Golden Beach
Event: Yummy Yummy beach volley competition

HK fans, please attend and take lotsa pics :)

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alice said...

wow!! Charmaine looks beautiful in Yummy yummy!!! I can't wait to watch it!!! do u know when tvb will release overseas seh seh?? can't wait!!

alice said...

wow!! Song hye Kyo looks really short there seh seh but their chemistry is GREAT!!

sehseh said...

Yummy Yummy will be available for rental in Msia around August 8, 2005

Anonymous said...

Wow, Thanks Seh Seh for scanning the mags. and for the great translation! I also can't wait 'til Yummy Yummy comes out!

Seh Seh, i also LOVE your background music! I was wondering if you can PLEASE send the song to me through my email at:

If you can that would be GREAT, if not that's alright. =)

sehseh said...


Thanks. I already send the music link to your email. I didn't scan the Yummy Yummy mag. It's from

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