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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Rain potrait in Full House

I know some people who visit my blog are Rain's fans. I just post this pic for them. It's the potrait hanging in Young Jae (Rain's character in Full House) room.

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Remember I said that he's kinda cute as in a lil' brother way? I take that back because he is actually older than me! Four months to be exact. He said in an interview that he doesn't mind baring himself - if you got it, flaunt it! Check out his pics in his official site:

I'm also surprised that he got a smooth, deep voice. Listen to his songs from his newest album, "It's Raining" the list below:

It's Raining

I do *Recommended*

*New recommendation* But I Love You

Watch his sizzling performance: (it's more than 20mb, so may take time to d/l)

credits to

Special dedication for my dear friend Amanda and Rain's fans:

Listen & watch Rain's new MV! Just click on the menu in the pic!

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