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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Three Bears

Recap of Wednesday's episode of Full House. This episode is even better than the last one!

Young Jae finally called his assistant to rescue him from the theme park. YJ was embarrassed and went straight back home. (His fans thought he have constipation problem because he stayed inside the toilet stall for so long kekekeke...)

Min Hyuk brings Ji Eun to a fancy restaurant. JE was shocked with expensive price and asked whether MH would like to go to another restaurant instead. This scene is quite adorable as MH and JE were whispering to each other.

Meanwhile, the hungry YJ is waiting for JE at home. He heard a car driving up and peeks out to see JE coming home. YJ pretends to be asleep on the couch and wake up when JE comes in. Famished, YJ demanded JE to cook him dinner (rice). JE told him to eat instant noodle instead but YJ sulked (like a little kid~) and insisted to have a real dinner.

Then, JE saw the lion mask and realized YJ was unhappy because he went to Magic Land but didn't see her. YJ said he went there because he was bored. JE suggested that they should go to Magic Land now since she didn't receive birthday cake today. However, the park already closed so YJ called his assistant to‘handle’it. Ah… the perks of being rich and famous.

YJ couldn't skate and keep falling on his back. JE started to make fun of him, repeating his words when he was teaching her how to ride the bicycle. JE caught hold of the clumsy YJ and slowly taught him how to skate… Aww~~~~~~ JE told YJ that her mother taught her how to skate and it was also her mother that inspired her to be a novelist. Was it just me, or it is really at that moment, JE looked very beautiful in YJ eyes?

The next morning, YJ is back to his mean style and told JE to clean up before he returned from work. JE found the birthday present YJ left for her on the dinner table. It was a pen and a digital recorder. YJ's note: “Han Ji Eun, hope you will write a story that touches everyone's heart.” JE was thrilled with her gift and her first recording was commenting perhaps YJ was not a bad person after all. Then the doorbell rang…

YJ mum and grandma visit JE to reprimand her for not visiting or even calling them. Grandma then demand YJ and JE to move in permanently with them (YJ family house). Ji Eun, of course was horrified.

On the other hand, YJ manager invite YJ to go dinner with the staff but YJ declined, saying he has to go home. She comment that lately he goes straight back home after work. Missing his wife, perhaps? “You know, now that you mention it, your wife look cute (pretty)…” YJ was dumbfounded by her remarks and denied it. He suggested that they should go out for dinner, and he's treating the staff. The manager continues to make fun of YJ and told him to go home.

YJ received a phone call from JE asking him to come home early. During dinner, JE dropped the bomb that his grandma came over today and want them to move back to the family house. They start to bicker, accusing each other's fault for displeasing grandma. YJ told JE that his mother is a nice person while his father is a scary, stubborn man who refuses to listen to others (like father, like son eh?). He told her not to worry about his grandma because she doted on him. JE said she think grandma is scarier than his father.

YJ explained that his grandma disliked beautiful women. “She disliked you because you have a pretty face”. Realizing he has just complimented JE for being pretty, “I don't mean you are pretty. Well, and she hate dumb women too.” JE realized they are not wearing their wedding ring and quickly rushed back into the house to put the ring on.

YJ and JE went over to his family house and apologize to grandma for not calling/visiting. Grandma is very displeased with JE and start to pick up on her. YJ tries to defend JE, praising JE skills. When grandma remarked that JE doesn’t even bring a gift to visit, JE suddenly stood up and proceed to sing a children’s song – 3 Bear.

There's a three bear in one house
Papa bear, Mama bear, baby bear
Papa bear is strong,
while Mama bear is beautiful,
Baby bear is very active
Look at them, Look at them
They are so happy...

Download JE singing the 3 Bears here: Song Hye Gyo - gom se ma ri - credit: azngurl4eva

YJ, mum and grandma were horrified by her performance while YJ father walked in from work and clapped his hands, saying that JE sung nicely. On the way back home, YJ make fun of JE, making her mortified and they argued again. YJ treat JE ice cream at a nearby playground to comfort her (but he snatches her popsicle and exchanged it with his ice cream). JE then thanked YJ for the birthday gift. They then fooled around in the playground.

JE was supposed to meet MH to hand over her scripts but she was delayed because YJ insisted she must clean the dishes before leaving the house. He reminded her to come home early for spring cleaning. JE was annoyed with YJ and complained to her digital recorder. While rushing out of the subway, she left the recorder inside the train. JE was unhappy and went to meet MH. MH thought she was unhappy because he rejected her scripts again but JE explained that she lost an important birthday gift. MH accompanied her to the shopping mall to buy a new one. When they finally found a similar recorder, MH offered to buy it for her. JE realized that the recorder won’t be the same because it’s not a gift from YJ.

JE returned home and begins to clean up the windows. YJ complained that JE was not doing her job properly and show her how to clean the glass window. It's funny to see YJ wriggling up and down to wipe the glass panel hehehe… JE apologizes to YJ for losing the recorder. YJ got angry and start yelling at her for being clumsy, dumb and bird brained. During lunch, YJ felt sorry and tell JE that he is getting another recorder for her. “You better don't lose it this time.” So sweet of YJ! Honestly, YJ has a serious communication deficit; so most of the time he screw up what he really meant to say into something totally different (and annoying).

I also found these cute animation from a Full House fansite:

Young Jae
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by
Ji Eun
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by

Haha... I like 4 animation most: YJ doing laundry, YJ and the lion mask, JE doing the 3 Bear dance and the bicycle scene :)


Anonymous said...

care to share the episode summary of last night (28/7)? i miss it you now i m addicted to the show


sehseh said...

your wish is my command ;)

check out my latest recap of last nite's episode

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