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Friday, April 29, 2005

More to AOS news yesterday

The Apple Daily version

My translation:

Ekin’s character is a busybody who like poke his nose into other people’s business. The story is about Ekin teaching Bowie’s son to overcome his fears by ice skating. After changing into their skating shoes, Ekin skated at ease while Bowie held onto the sides of the skating rink, refusing to budge. Ekin tried to drag Bowie to play along but Bowie was still afraid. Because the child actor (Bowie’s son) doesn’t know how to skate as well, he held on tightly to Ekin who patiently teaches him how to skate.

Ekin skating skills are very good, but there were few times he almost fell. “It’s been some time since I last skated, few years’ back I’ve bought a pair roller blade, but I never wore them because no one wanted to play with me! There are a lot of people today; it will be quiet embarrassing if I fell down.” Bowie revealed some awkward incidents while learning to skate in Beijing earlier this year.

Also: Re-uploaded Ekin's mv for Always on Standby (temporary link, expire within a week)
special credit to QueenSee

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