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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Ekin & Charmaine dating at mall

News and translation credit to Muka. Additional pictures thanks to Kim and Shehster

Charmaine and Ekin were filming a scene for "Always on Standby" yesterday at a mall, and in this very sweet scene, the two of them were staring into each other's eyes and holding hands tightly. After the shoot was over, reporters asked Charmaine if she is afraid of rumors with Ekin? Charmaine calmly answered, "I am not afraid! And also there won't be any rumors, because he already has a girlfriend, and I will not be the 3rd person in a relationship. (Is it because you have a boyfriend already?) No."

Ekin also agreed with Charmaine. "There won't be any rumors, but Ah Sheh is really a good partner in terms of acting." When reporters told Ekin that Charmaine said she won't be the 3rd person in a relationship, Ekin jokingly said, "I didn't plan on giving her a chance either!"

Ekin was also very excited to film inside a mall. "When you are a celebrity, it is hard to go shopping like this, but I still go shop with my girlfriend (Gigi Leung) ocassionally, it is just that you guys (reporters) did not catch us. At first we were filming at Mong Kok, ever since I became an actor I have not been there, it is such a difference place now."

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