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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Daniel Wu newsletter update

Daniel Wu has finally update his newsletter.

"Hello everybody! Yes, long time no write. It has been an extremely busy and exciting past few months for me. I have been working very hard but have also managed to get some time to relax as well. I was able to take a break and go to Japan and do one of my favorite sports, snowboarding! I have snowboarded since I was sixteen years old and have tried to go at least once a year, even while living in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, I was not able to go last year because of my knee injury but this time my knee was fine. A little sore,but no pain and I had lots of fun..."

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1 comment:

sehseh said...

The newsletter were really from Daniel himself. This is the one and only place where Daniel write to update his fans. You can email to Daniel if you want (you can see his email address there) but please do not forward emails or attach anything to your emails. He will try to reply to his fans whenever he's available.

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