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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

《火舞黃沙》Dancing Flames of Golden Sands costume tryout pics

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Main cast: (Front row) Maggie Siu, Ada Choi, Gigi Lai & Charmaine Sheh
(Back row) Kenny Wong, Moses Chan, Bowie Lam & Vinci Wong

Bowie Lam, Gigi Lai, Ada Choi, Charmaine Sheh, and Moses Chan yesterday attended a costume fitting for their TVB series FOR MO WONG SA (FIRE DANCE YELLOW SAND). In the show Bowie and Gigi will play a couple again, but Gigi was forced into the marriage and had to take his abuse -- just the opposite of WAR AND BEAUTY (GUM JI YUK YIP).

In the new show Ada has a new challenge. She again plays a calculating villain, the head of the household and the mother in law of Charmaine and Maggie Siu. Ada said, "Maybe the producer thought I looked old and arranged for me to play this character."

Charmaine was asked whether she would worry about the ease of rumors due to the size of the cast. "I am not worried, we have all worked together. Instead I am more concerned about going to the desert areas."

Moses in the show had to bare flesh but lately he has gained a lot of weight. Obviously he has a belly. "Earlier when I made YIN JI SHUI FUN (ROUGE POWDER) I got a lot fatter, so producer Chik Kei Yi ordered for me to lose weight in three weeks. Right now I am working hard to get in shape."

credits: HK Top 10

More about the characters:

Ada's role is a woman who married an older man (Could it be Chan Hung Lit?). She was widowed and left in charge of the family business. She has a stepson - Kenny Wong Tak Bun (Siu Luk Zhi in WAB) and two daughter-in-laws, played by Maggie and Charmaine respectively. Ada is very excited to play an evil/calculative role again after 10 years. She will have a lot of scenes with Bowie Lam.

Charmaine afraid of the harsh sun

Charmaine will be paired up with Moses this time

My translation:
Charmaine's character is a poor girl that wishes to marry into a rich family. She became Kenny Wong (Siu Luk Chi in WAB) concubine/younger wife and realized that life in a rich family is complicating. She will have a one night stand with Moses's character, but all along she thought it was her husband. When mentioned about the steamy scenes Moses & Sonija filmed in the sales presentation, Charmaine said she haven't watch it yet but assure us that TVB won't go too far in filming intimate scenes. This is a television show, after all!

Because her role came from a poor background, Charmaine will have to film scenes like carrying buckets of water and running around in the harsh plains. She will be required to have a darker skin tone in this series, yet Charmaine was afraid of the scorching sun. For the time being, she'll have to rely on make up to make her look darker as she's still filming for "Always on Standby".

The reporters asked Charmaine whether she was worried of similar rumors in WAB since there's a huge cast involved. Charmaine laughed and said that she believe everyone get along just fine. Plus, the characters in here are not as complicated as WAB's since they lived in rural areas - they're more simple and straightforward.

Gigi & Bowie

Bowie will be exacting his revenge (WAB) on Gigi

Bowie and Gigi will be playing a married couple in this series but their relationship is very violatile since Gigi was forced into the marriage. Bowie's role is a very violent character and love to beat and 'rape' his wife Gigi.

Not much known about his character, but he has a lot of scars on his body. Moses has been keeping fit to film this series as he has to bare his upper body most of the time.

Maggie Siu
I assume she was Wong Tak Bun older wife, since there's no mention of another stepson in Ada's family. (Mai Shuet character in the sales presentation?)

Kenny Wong
Big mouth Qing (nickname) was featured in the sales presentation as wheel-chair bound master. In the pics, Wong Tak Bun look fine and healthy, though. Don't know whether Kenny's character will be as violent as the sales presentation's version.

The cast members will be travelling to the desert plains in Mainland China beginning late June to film this 30 episodes drama. It will be a difficult process for them as the temperature reaches over 40 degree celcius in the deserts.

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