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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Clips and Music Video (AOS & DFOGS)

Thanks to Kim and QueenSee from cinple forum, who uploaded all the 10 MVs of All About Men. Here's the link to Ekin's "Always on Standby" mv featuring Charmaine inside. Screen shots courtesy of Jack.

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K-100 clips (credit to Shehster)

Always on Standby

Story: Bowie & Ekin showed us around the filming set in Studio 12 and explained their daily routines of a GFS officer. Shirley demonstrated her automatic wheel chair skills.

Dancing Flames of Golden Sands

Story: The two influential family in the village are Sung and Yim family.
Bowie is the head of Yim family, his character name is Yim Man Hei. The Yim family is the original settler at the village, while the Sung are migrants and later became a part of the village. The Yim and Sung family constantly used one another in their struggle to control the business.
Ada is the head of Sung family, her character name is Chiu Yuk. Widowed at young age, she began an affair with Bowie after her 7 years old son died; with disastrous results.
Gigi is an educated town girl called Gai Ming Fung who was forced to marry Bowie because her family went bankrupt. She tried to escape many times, but was always recaptured and beaten up by Bowie.
Charmaine is a poor village girl name Ka Chun Fen. Fortune teller predicted her to bring bad luck to husband and won't lead a good life but Charmaine doesn't want to believe in fate and strive to create her own success.

More pics of the costume fitting (credit to tearofsorrow)

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