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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Breaking up on a rainy day

mag scans courtesy of Silvermoon

Ekin Cheng, the double lost youth (seung sat ching lin)

Ekin was in really bad luck! Right after his girlfriend dump him, Ekin head back to his home but his car broke down. Hoping to jumpstart the engine by pushing the car, it suddenly rain heavily; Ekin was soaked from head to toe. Just losing his love and now his mind, the double blow turn Ekin into a -Vampire?! What's happening here?

Ekin was consoled (for getting drenched) because he get to drive a Mini Cooper in AOS. He's so good at driving that some crew member call him "Sky" (his character name in Legend of the Speed - movie). For just one scene (starting the car), Ekin has to take 5-6 shots, and he was quick to take his place. Ekin driving (fast) skill is very good as Charmaine was not afraid at all and grinned happily inside the car.

Creating raining scene

When you're watching those driving/raining scenes on TV, have you wonder how they're filmed? Another vehicle with camera will be pulling the car on a track. Ekin has no problem pretending to be driving the car.

The water from the fake rain splashes everywhere, the crew has to cover the camera.

To create a convincing raining scene, a big water truck was employed. They will spray water on the road first.

Inside the car, Ekin listen to the director's instruction via a walkie talkie.

Two hose were used to spray the fake rain onto the car.

To film that specific scene, Ekin has to filmed 5-6 re-takes along with Charmaine. She didn't mind though and kept smiling. Ekin driving skill must be very good.

Ekin car diary

The car suddenly broke down, Ekin has to get out from the car to get help.

Unable to get any help, Ekin became frustrated and hit his car.

Ekin pushes the car in attempt to jumpstart the car. Will he succeed? We'll have to watch AOS to know...

After filming the scenes, Ekin was drenched from head to toe. The temperature was freezing and Ekin was so cold he practically jumping around.

At last someone passed a towel to Ekin. He immediately towel dry his hair first.

Ekin: Be a drenched chicken (lok tong gai)? No problem!

Ekin: I'm Ekin the vampire~~~~ (Ekin cover his head with the towel and pretends he is a vampire)

Professional spirit

After shooting the raining scene, everyone thought they can finally call it a day and head back to the station. However, the camera crew forgot to shot a scene of Ekin in the car. Ekin was already soaked, his makeup and hair was messy, how will they solve the problem?

Ekin was used to filming, so he didn't mind re-shooting extra scenes. Luckily one of the crew member got a similar T-shirt, so Ekin put on the dry shirt and then wear back the soaked jacket. Despite the freezing weather, Ekin showed us how professional he is by not complaining.

A crew member has to hold a big umbrella to shield the camera from the rain water.

What's the story about?

Ko Ho Fung (Ekin) waited 3 years for his comatose girlfriend Hong Yau Nam (Charmaine). When Nam finally re-awakens, Fung thought they could lead a happy life together but Nam unexpectedly asked for a break up. Faced with the sudden blow, Ekin's car broke down as well and he has to get drenched in the rain. Poor Fung...

Charmaine's ice-cream treat

Charmaine bought some expensive Haagen-Dazs ice-creams to treat all the crew members and reporters while filming scenes for AOS. Ekin praised Charmaine as not only pretty, but very sweet and considerate as well.

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