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Friday, April 15, 2005

The Amazing Race quotables

Found these amusing quotes of my favourite AR season (5) from

Colin & Christie

“The team that we’ve helped out the most in this race is the team that caused us to be in last place” … Colin … but would that team be Chip and Kim, you and Christie, or the farmer and his ox?

"Revenge would be sweet” … Colin … Colin wanting to win is dangerous. Colin wanting revenge will probably lead to criminal charges.

"It's okay. Run them over. Just run them over" … Christie …. It must be Christie turn to work the "I'm insane" shift. Colin will be punching in shortly.

“The ocean is my element. Flags are not. Too bad I’m an ignorant American” … Colin … took a while to learn that lesson. Being nearly tossed in jail brings no insight, but get a flag wrong and poof, instant revelation.

“Christie and I do a lot of extreme sports. We’re not scared of anything” … Colin … well except for maybe ox-farming or a flags of the world quiz.

“There so much I’m taking away from this experience” … Colin … including a criminal record in Tanzania and a greater knowledge of FAA flying regulations.

Chip & Kim

“My hope and prayer is that Colin and Christie will not have enough money to finish this leg of the race” … Kim … not sure that you can actually use a prayer to wish poverty on someone, but God does work in mysterious ways.

“This race is starting to turn serious” … Chip … it’s starting to turn serious? Did Chip just re-read the rule book and find out about the $1 million prize, or did he suddenly figure out that teams haven’t been mysteriously disappearing after all?

“God, do we have to climb up there?” … Chip … I’m not sure about God’s take on it, but the producers are probably saying yes.

“We love everybody. We just love each and all of you guys to death” … Kim … with the notable absence of Colin and Christie.

Brandon & Nicole

“Picture Jesus up there. Like he has his arms wide open and you’re running to him” … Brandon … probably would help Nikki more if he was also holding a million dollar cheque. Hopefully, she will stop short of running into the light if she sees it.

“We’re really trusting in the will of God. That’s the biggest advantage we have” … Brandon … whereas the other teams have to rely on pitiful things like talent and speed.

“If the Lord has it in mind for Nicky and me to win the prize, then no one is going to stop us” … Brandon … nothing like doing a little name dropping to psyche out the competition, and that’s a pretty big name.

“Use those muscles. You sexy thing” … Nicole … to a committed Christian such as Brandon, this may serve more as a distraction than helpful support. Can’t be easy hearing that while climbing a rope.

The author added these:

With Brandon calling on God's help, and Chip asking for Jesus's help, I hope they aren't inadvertently starting some big Father - Son feud upstairs.

After watching Colin in the fields, would his doctor be wrong to pro-actively set him up with a nice valium prescription?

With Brandon and Nicole relying on God's help so much, I wouldn't be surprised if he asked for a 1/3 of the prize. It's only fair.

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