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Thursday, March 18, 2010

TVB Successive Fadans: Charmaine Sheh

[ 17/3/2010]

Charmaine Sheh studied in a convent school during her youth and went abroad to Switzerland to study hotel management after Form Six. Upon graduating, the 22 year old Charmaine returned to Hong Kong and made one of the most important decision in her life: Participating in Miss Hong Kong beauty pageant. Thinking of her past, Charmaine remarked that she have never thought of winning throughout the competition.

Indeed, MHK 1997 saw a lineup of impressive candidates. Among them are Virginia Yung who already filmed teledrama in 1993, renowned super model Christine Au Yeung, the 17-year-old Au Chi Ting who was dubbed the most beautiful contestant, electric eyes beauty Vivian Lee and the poised Pauline Yam. Compared to the popular candidates above, Charmaine who was just a beginner paled in comparison. Due to anxiety, Charmaine who never introduced herself in public cried in fear during the rehearsal of the semi-finals. She was threading on thin ice throughout the competition.

During the announcement of the top 12 finalist, they have already announced 11 finalists and Charmaine tethered between the possibility of advancing and elimination. Even when Charmaine's name was finally announced, most attention remained focused on the popular candidates. Almost everyone regarded Charmaine, dubbed by HK media as 'Mini Carina Lau' to accompany the competition only. However, Charmaine stunned everyone with her 'never admit defeat' spirit.

Year 1997 was also the year of Hong Kong handover back to China. The pageant was held throughout July 1st and was considered the first important event after the handover. With such historical significance, TVB meticulously arranged for the finals to be held in HK Coliseum and used China cultural themes spanning over six dynasties (Qin, Tang, Sung, Yuan, Ming, Qing) to showcase the gracefulness of the contestants. Charmaine who are outstanding in her costume looks grasped this opportunity and defeated hot candidate Au Chi Ting and 4 others to enter into Top 5 finalists. During the Top 5 Q&A session, Charmaine performed well.

When the emcees announced Charmaine as the 2nd runner up, nobody expected that the tender looking Charmaine would be the biggest winner in TVB history of MHK pageant (the year with highest ratings and most impressive contestants). Charmaine joined TVB in October in the same year. Thus officially begins the journey of one of TVB's most remarkable dongka fadan (leading actress) on TV screen for the next 12 years.

Do not repost.

Sehseh: I was doing my routine surfing for Charmaine's news and came across this article which narrates the history of TVB actresses.

Back in MHK, Charmaine already shown qualities as costume series beauty. I think that is also the reason why producer Lee Tim Seng cast her as Miu Yuerk Lan in [FFOSM99]. Charmaine auditioned for the role along with Vivian and Virginia. Till today, Lee Tim Seng still consider Charmaine as best looking actress in costume (especially Qing dynasty) and praises her continued improvement in acting.

Here's some performance segments in MHK 1997, if anyone is interested :)


alicechen said...

Ah, Sehseh, seeing this radiant picture makes me miss her long hair again!! Really, what a vibrant color + smile! :D

Ael said...

I agree on her looking the best in costume drama when she first started out. I still remember her chow chi yeuk as particularly ravishing even if her acting wasn't. To give her credit, she did improve over the years.

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