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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Down the memory lane: Miss Hong Kong 1997

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Recently Astro WLT have been re-airing past Miss Hong Kong pageants as their special program and one of them is Charmaine's MHK1997. Charmaine won 2nd runner up in the pageant and hence begins her 10 year journey in TVB. The contestants that year was very good, most of them are graceful and beautiful. Watching the clip, I remember how Charmaine stole my attention with her witty answers. Plus we also share the same middle name ;)

First I have to thank Patricia for recording the MHK pageant. Secondly, we also have to thank Qingwa for re-uploading the clips for your download and also taking the time to edit and upload the performances on google video.

Download the 30 mins clip here.
Note: Charmaine's part only.

The contestants that night have to perform dance and Q&A section in different theme based on the China dynasties such as Qin, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming & Qing. Qingwa has helped uploading the dance performance section:

Song dynasty (Guest: Andy Hui)

Download the clip here.

Yuan dynasty (Guest: Patrick Tam)

Download the clip here.

Ming dynasty (Guest: Gallen Lo)

Download the clip here.

Qing dynasty (Guest: Chilam Cheung)

Download the clip here.


Funn Lim said...

I saw it too and the theme was very nice. A nostalgic trip. What I find rather interesting is Charmaine looking scared and a bit intimidated in front of the hosts, especially Eric Tsang if I remember correctly and now where she is? How time flies eh.

Sorry to blow your bubbles. The answers were probably pre-written. There was never a moment of hesitation in any of the contestant answering the questions. But the question then is can they deliver it competently. I think she did well although there was one other who delivered it better. But who cares? 11 years on and guess who's the big sis of TVB?

sehseh said...

The question for Qin dynasty and Tang dynasty is already made known to the contestants. However, the contestant have to think up the answers on their own and it's up to them to present it. No such thing as pre-written answers. Sorry to burst your cryptic bubble too.

The Q&A section question, however is kept a secret. This segment usually help or kill the contestant, especially latter if the girl started to stutter or ah, erm when they gave their answers.

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