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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

TVB announced 4 grand production series for 2010

[Source: Sina, 23/03/2010]

On March 22, 2010 – TVB launched the promotion for their 4 grand production series at HK FILMART exhibition. They are [Rosy Business 2], [Can’t Buy Me Love], [Gun Metal Grey 2010] and [Growing Through Life]. TVB artistes such as Wayne Lai, Sheren Tang, Moses Chan, Charmaine Sheh, Jessica Hsuan, Damian Lau and Raymond Lam attended the event to support these grand productions.

[Can't Buy Me Love]

Savage Princess & Pitiful Fu Ma (Prince Consort) – Clash of two feuds

Summary: Refer to previous translation here.

Earlier, [Can't Buy Me Love] was touted as [Beyond the Realm of Conscience 2]. However, apart from the same production crew and cast, the two series share nothing in common.

Mentioning storyline and theme, [CBML] is more similar to Bobby Au Yeung and Esther Kwan's [Taming of a Princess]. During the press conference, Moses Chan and Charmaine Sheh said that they have not watched [Taming] therefore they do not know if there are similarities between the two series. But they are glad they didn't, as it would influence their mood.

Despite circulating rumors, Moses and Charmaine appeared to be close. During photo shoot, Moses even held Charmaine in his arms and smiled sweetly.

How bratty is the princess? How pitiful does the Fu Ma turn out to be?

Among the four series presented yesterday, only Moses and Charmaine appeared in their dazzling costumes. They revealed that [CBML] biggest selling point is Charmaine the bratty princess creating disturbance and how Fu Ma (Moses) counteract, and finding methods to prank the princess.

How bratty is Charmaine's princess? Moses said: "Charmaine's brattiness index in the series is a full 10. Every time she appears, she is bound to cause disaster and creating chaos in my family. She instructs the maid to beat and drag me out to the streets. She even hit me during our wedding night, biting me relentlessly. As for me, I'm not that weak either as I quickly pinned her down."

As for Fu Ma, how pitiful can he be? Moses revealed that his character is a bit pitiful. He is physically weak since childhood and get dizzy when standing up. "I am a good man, and a good man is afraid of women." He described himself using the following lines: "No virtue, no talent. Dust in the wind."

(p.s. I'm unsure about the translation for the last 4 letter in 无德无能, 无霜无尘, please correct me if I'm wrong.)

Charmaine who was standing at the side heard Moses claiming himself as pitiful, could not help but exposed that Moses the Fu Ma is not such a good person. Actually he have his bad side too, for example constantly pranking on her and servant Fala Chen. "He caused our faces to be smeared with flour, and one time he even sat on my head and farted!"

What will be the ending for the Princess and Fu Ma?

(Warning: Contained spoilers - highlight if you want to know. Please do not reveal in cbox, or you will be banned immediately.)

Imprisoned together and drinking poisonous wine

Though they constantly fight in the first half of the series, they reconciled their differences in the end. They were imprisoned and the emperor sentenced them to death by poisonous wine. They revealed that the storyline is a bit complicated and twisted. "At first they were a bickering couple. Later they start to like each other and went through hardships together. The ending is a happy one. Our bickering is the most enjoyable parts."

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I only translate the part about [CBML]. If you wish to read the original article in Chinese about the other 3 series, you may click on the link provided at source above.

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