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Saturday, November 14, 2009

TVB Mag 647: 《公主嫁到》 The Princess Marriage

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Title: 《公主嫁到》 The Princess Marriage / Here Comes the Princess

Genre: Costume comedy series

Cast: Moses Chan, Charmaine Sheh, Linda Chung, Fala Chan, Kenneth Ma, Raymond Wong, Susanna Kwan, Lee Heung Kam, Louis Yuen.

The current popular series [Beyond the Realm of Conscience] narrates about the conflict in the Tang Dynasty palace. Similar in terms of beautiful cast, costumes and scenery, TVB will be filming comedy series 《公主嫁到》 The Princess Marriage next year. Moses Chan who portrayed the Emperor in [Beyond] will be playing the simple-minded husband of a shrewd princess, displaying his comedic talents. "[Beyond] theme is more heavy and serious, while [Princess] is more relaxed and humorous. Earlier I watched Charmaine in [You're Hired] and found out that she can be very funny too. This is our first collaboration in a comedy series together; I hope we will create different kind of sparks."

Charmaine Sheh showcased her comedic timing as Lam Miu Miu in [You're Hired]. In the new series, Charmaine will be challenging her comedic skills again by portraying a shrewd princess. "In [Princess], the princess is anxious because she can't get married; therefore she goes into commoner society to find a husband. I already find the story very funny while filming the sales presentation clip. As for how funny the character goes, I will leave it to the producer and scriptwriter's arrangement."

Captions (from top)

  • Consisting of a huge cast, [Princess] is one of the grand production series next year.
  • In order to save the family business and obtain the goldsmith license in the royal palace, Moses who portrayed the son of a goldsmith manor was forced to marry the princess.
  • The shrewd princess finally gets to marry! Apart from Charmaine, this series is supported by Linda Chung and Fala Chan.
  • Four veteran actresses (from left) Ha Ping, Fung So Bor, Suet Nei and Leung Mo Yin portrayed four spinster princesses, scaring Charmaine to swiftly look for a husband. Sigh, quite similar with the current trend in Hong Kong society!

Series highlight:

Marrying a princess, everyone think that the husband will benefit from the wife. But marrying a shrewd princess is definitely not a pleasant experience. To divorce her is virtually impossible. Using gold as theme for this comedy costume series, the audience will see how it is like to marry a princess.


Tang Dynasty Emperor dotes on the 3rd Princess, but because the 3rd Princess is shrewd and spoiled, no one wants to marry her. The Gum Manor is the capital's largest goldsmith. Master Gum was cheated by others due to his kindness and in order to save the family business, his 4th son Cheung Zhi agrees to marry the 3rd Princess in exchange of the goldsmith license in the royal palace.

The shrewd princess brought along her palace servants when she marries into Gum family and caused a lot of conflict with Gum household. The 3rd Princess found it difficult to get along with Cheung Zhi as days passed. Originally she thought of leaving, but she misunderstood that Cheung Zhi was spreading rumors about her therefore she stayed back to spite him. Both of them continue to fight and love sprouted between the bickering couple. Later, Gum Manor was confiscated due to committing offense. In order to save them, the 3rd Princess pretend to abandon Cheung Zhi and secretly find ways to overcome the dangerous situation.

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mare said...

thank you for the translation!!! every time i read and hear more about it i get more excited... so usually how long are these sales presentations..? there's no min or max, right..?

Anonymous said...

i was just wondering if it's possible to get the tvb magazine overseas. i always want to keep up with tvb news, but always have to do it online. where can i get copies of the magazine, or is it only available in hk?

sehseh said...

mare, sales presentation clip length can range from 30 secs to 2 mins, depending on TVB preference to highlight which series. Generally their heavyweight series will have longer clips.

Don' worry, I'm sure Princess is at least 1-2 mins long.

dreamxpaili, where are you from? In Malaysia and Singapore, yes we do get TVB mag from bookstores and mag stands 2-3 weeks later. I think I also heard that TVB mag is available for sale in Australia, but I could be wrong.

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