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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fortunate Charmaine Sheh won 2nd prize in lucky draw

[Oriental Daily, The Sun 21/11/2009]

The hot candidate for TVB Best Actress this year has always been Sheren Tang. However, insider sources revealed that TVB has decided to award Charmaine Sheh instead. Though Tavia Yeung villain role in [Beyond] is very evil and her acting is acknowledged, her qualification is not on par with Sheren, therefore they choose Charmaine as TV Queen.

During TVB anniversary gala Charmaine won the 2nd prize in lucky draw worth HKD200, 000, what a great streak of luck. [Beautiful Kitchen] angel Chan Wai Yee 'Pear' won HKD1 million (1st prize), while Hui Man Kiu won the 3rd prize. When Charmaine won, Nat Chan teased: "Now that you have won 2nd prize, are you going to win TV Queen as well?" Charmaine smiled and said: "It's fortunate to win the lucky draw. Last year I got 3rd prize, and this year 2nd prize. I hope next year can be 'elevated' to 1st prize! I will give half of the prizes to my mother, because she also shared the same birthday with TVB."

'Pear' did not reply to producer Chin Kwok Wai after winning the lucky draw and was mocked for being 'MIA'. She explained that she had to film series last night, but she has already asked the Angels out for steamboat and use the prize vouchers for seafood. She will let her mother handle the rest of the prize money and gifts. Tracy Ip and Brian Wong who missed out the lucky packet were not overly disappointed. Tracy missed out because she went to her locker. She smiled and said that Matthew Ko who replaced her and won HKD42, 000 should treat them to dinner.

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Apple Daily published an interview article of Charmaine and Kevin, but I do not plan to translate it since I find the content repetitive - basically it's the same as other recent interviews. Plus I find that the article topic is quite misleading, considering that Charmaine's ex-boyfriend Mr X was mentioned back in 2006 on Stephen Chan's Be My Guest show, and not from recent year as alleged by the article.

Today's Singtao news reported that Charmaine is feeling confident at TVB anniversary therefore she spent time leisurely shopping and hanging out with friends. What a joke huh? If you have been following my blog, you will know that the pics above were taken quite some time ago, when HAE just started filming. Currently Charmaine is busy promoting [Beyond], filming [HAE] and movie [72 Tenants], opening events etc., she barely have time to sleep.

I hate how reporters always use Charmaine as scapegoat. Anyway, Charmaine is in a lucky streak and I hope fans will continue to support and vote for her at TVB anniversary award. Though online voting only attribute to 25% of the results, fans should show TVB know the power of our unity! Vote for Charmaine!

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