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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Charmaine Sheh increased confidence through series ratings

[Takungpao, Wenweipo, The Sun, Oriental Daily, Mingpao 12/11/2009]

Yesterday Charmaine Sheh attended an officiating ceremony for cosmetic brand VelasmoothPro. During the event, Charmaine demonstrated the slimming machine on a bikini clad model and attracted many onlookers to take pictures. Though the model is very sexy, Charmaine's limelight was not stolen. A lot of onlookers called out her character name Lau Sam Ho in series [Beyond the Realm of Conscience]. With the series encouraging ratings, Charmaine feel a little more confident in facing popular rival Sheren Tang for Best Actress award.

When asked if Charmaine will buy a slimming machine to be used at home, Charmaine frankly said that she won't because it is too expensive. In addition, there is some body areas she found difficult to target by herself. Reporters suggested that she can use the slimming machine with help from her other half. Charmaine played dumb and smiled: "My maid? That's great! (Your boyfriend!) Maybe I'll try when I find one."

Charmaine said she is satisfied with her body line and when asked if she want to try breast enhancement, she said that her current measurement is okay. If she could change her outlook, she wished to be taller so she won't need to wear high heels. Charmaine also praised the body line of the model. Charmaine herself won't dare to wear bikini for demonstration in front of so many people even if the organizer pay her with a lot of money. However, she will wear bikini for photo shoot, as long as it's a healthy image. How about series then? She said she won't mind as long as it's necessary in the storyline.

Prior evening, Charmaine and rumored ex-boyfriend Kevin Cheng attended TVB Sales Presentation Ceremony 2010 and there were reports indicating that they did not interact at all. Charmaine Sheh said: "How to interact? We are doing a show onstage. If we want to chat, we will do so backstage. We are friends."

As the ratings of [Beyond] has been doing well, is she confident in Best Actress award? She said that her chance was increased since more audiences are paying attention to the series and perhaps more votes for her too. Reporter point out that [Born Rich] is not up to par with [Beyond]; which is starred by TVB managed artistes. Charmaine expressed that they shouldn't put it this way, because everyone has different preference in series genre. Due to the steady ratings of [Beyond], TVB executives Stephen Chan and Catherine Tsang plans to invite the cast for a celebration banquet tonight.

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Don't she look gorgeous? I'm loving her chic hairstyle and this little black dress.

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