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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Charmaine Sheh chose tiara and gave up Kevin Cheng

[Mingpao 27/11/2009]

Yesterday Charmaine Sheh attended the green Christmas lighting ceremony held at East Point City Mall. She was asked to choose either flowers, tiara or trophy from three men wearing face masks of Kevin Cheng, Moses Chan and Wayne Lai. In the end Charmaine gave up on rumored boyfriend 'Kevin' and chose 'Moses' diamond tiara. Afterward Charmaine joked: "I want to relive the experience of wearing the tiara again, more than 10 years has passed (since MHK97). I kept my tiara in safe deposit box and rarely take it out."

Asked about her plans for Christmas, Charmaine said: "This is a happy year because I have another two series filming. After wrapping up on [Heaven & Earth], I will be filming [Princess Marriage]. I will most probably celebrate Christmas in filming studio. (There's plenty of dinner for [Beyond]?) I think Moses, Tavia and I will be hosting one soon or otherwise it will be difficult to arrange our schedules. Perhaps we will arrange for a celebration banquet after the anniversary award, we can invite Sheren Tang and Anita Yuen along, as we don't know who will win the award. (Chilam said that he doesn't think his wife Anita will win?) He always like to joke around."

Additional translation from Oriental Daily news:

Asked why she did not choose Kevin's flowers, Charmaine explained: "Well, [Beyond] is very popular right now so of course I will choose the Emperor."

Regarding the emcee calling her as 'Future TV Queen' (准视后), Charmaine laughed and said: "Maybe she meant 'Punctual' (准时), it's a typo. (Are you confident?) I can't say I have no confidence, let it go along the flow. I am happy and satisfied enough that the series in doing well in both ratings and review."

Meanwhile, last evening Charmaine filmed a scene in Central for series [Heaven & Earth], where her character become drunk and fell down the stairs. Angela Tong, Kenny Wong and a child actress filmed a crying scene.

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Hehehe... Charmaine giving witty replies, as usual. 'Punctual' Charmaine...

Last night Michelle Yim treat [Beyond] cast and crew to dinner... I will post the pics and news translation tomorrow.

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