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Friday, November 13, 2009

「200% Good, Who will not love」 Kevin Cheng highly praised Charmaine Sheh as good lover

[Singtao 13/11/2009]

Rumors are foremost in the entertainment circle. Audiences are curious whether Kevin Cheng and Charmaine Sheh has really broken up after a year of secret dating, therefore reporters will definitely ask Kevin about his rumors with Charmaine. Since anniversary series [Beyond the Realm of Conscience] has started airing, Kevin is also prepared to respond to rumors. Did Kevin unintentionally slipped words during this interview to promote the series? Kevin said that an intelligent woman makes a good lover. He also admires his good friend Charmaine, who is kind and intelligent.

This is not considered an extortion of confession, since the interview was conducted under a relaxed atmosphere. Kevin begins talking about his chess master role Ko Hin Yeung in [Beyond] before moving on to the romance between Charmaine's palace maid character and conflicted relationship with Moses Chan, the emperor in the series. The topics started from the conflicted feelings of the role to the conflicts of being an artiste. "Humans are conflicted. As an artiste, you have to gain exposure for publicity. However, it's also conflicting because you want to protect your privacy. When being chased about my rumors, it's not that I do not want to co-operate, but I have bottom line. While reporters need to complete their assignment, I prefer answering questions under a relaxed atmosphere."

Girlfriend only need to achieve 80%

Kevin has already accustomed to dating and break up rumors with Charmaine. He said that there are always two sides to each situation. In a positive approach, rumors will make more people notice the series. He has known Charmaine for a long time. At first their relationship were limited to filming a couple of series together. They became good friends in [Forensic Heroes 2]. "It was then we manage to discuss stuffs other than work. We realized we are quite compatible in many ways." What is his opinion on Charmaine, who was labeled as 'Flirty Sheh' by others? "She is very professional, kind, intelligent. I admire intelligent women, because they make conversations more interesting. I don't talk much, but having an intelligent party will stimulate me to talk more. Being able to stimulate conversation between each other is a good lover."

You can see that he held her in high esteem within his heart, but unfortunately on his lips he remain saying they are good friends. Can a man and woman maintain platonic friendship? He firmly said yes. "Of course it's always guys who can be a buddy, women might not reach that level but they can be good friends too. Even though Charmaine and I have differences in personality, but we are good friends that can share thoughts and discuss different viewpoint." In the series, Hin Yeung and Sam Ho also started out as friends. However, Kevin won't dare to hope for such a perfect girlfriend in real life. "Sam Ho is 200% good, who will not love her! It's very good if my girlfriend have 80%. I do not have high expectation because the more you expect, the more disappointment you will get. It's happy enough being able to have someone like Sam Ho as a friend."

Wish to challenge villain roles and comedy series

Kevin smiled and said that people like Sam Ho will not survive in modern society. It's difficult to be a good person. Likewise, a good character could not leave an impression as deep as villainous character. Young, ambitious, intelligent and good-looking – he has portrayed these roles before. He straightforwardly said that he's looking forward to portray a villain. "I do not want to be the good guy all the time. I'm seeking opportunities to expand myself. I wondered how it would be if I portrayed Roger Kwok's character in [Last One Standing]. During filming, Roger and I would look forward creating sparks and lead each other into the scene. I like this kind of healthy competition." Actually, he is even more into challenging comedy series. We barely hear Kevin making gags but he said that he has dark humor.

The competition for this year's Best Actor and Actress award are quite fierce. In [Beyond], the group of women competed in acting. However, Kevin doesn't expect Charmaine will win Best Actress award. "Sam Ho's character development is not considered huge. However she (Charmaine) have more space for development in new series [Heaven & Earth], she might have great opportunity next year." Likewise, he does not have expectation for Best Actor award. He said that the winning award is just a fleeting moment of excitement, it's getting a hard to come by role that is worth reminiscing. "This year I will be cheering for Wayne Lai. Actually, award is just a form of encouragement. I really want to get a good role like the one in [Last One Standing]. I will rewatch the series whenever I am free."

No repost allowed.

Honestly, I was quite surprised when I saw this article as Kevin rarely discuss about Charmaine. Maybe it's the journalist editing, but the content above basically exceed Kevin's comment on Charmaine in all his past interview combined together. Lol...

Anyway, it's true that Kevin and Charmaine knew each other for a long time. In his early minor roles in TVB series, Kevin first worked with Charmaine. They also shared many mutual good friends, namely Raymond Cho and Roger Kwok. Raymond became Kevin's friend when they entered entertainment business as idol singers, while Roger is his regular tennis partner.

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sehseh said...

Good friends NG clip

alicechen said...

Wooohooo, oh boy Kevin. I'm surprised too Sehseh. Combined praises all in one article. A rare species indeed. :)

Sigh, as much as I want Charmaine to win Best Actress Award, I agree with Kevin. Sam Ho and Hin Yeung are not their best characters this year. But I do want her to bag the Favorite Character Award though. You're Hired is too cute!!

ah tin said...

sehseh, can you provide an alternative link to watch that clip? my internet connection is really bad. cant seem to stream at all.

its_janey said...

Wow...this was a good interview and Kevin was so open and honest. I think he's able to be open and will communicate with the reporters of what they are asking if they would just back off just a little bit and quit hounding him. When he's more relaxed then he can answer honestly instead of having a million people ask a million questions then twisting his words.

YAY he parised Charmaine!! I think they are really compatible and are really close with each other. I love how they protect each other when the media puts a negative spin on them. Like here they say people say Charmaine is "flirty-sheh" but with a negative undertone...Kevin just praised her and said she's intelligent and kind.

sehseh said...

ah tin, try this:

hester said...

Another person who forgot his previous roles. Kevin played a villain in 'The Ultimate Crime Fighter'. What more, his character in TUCF is quite similar to Roger's character in 'Last One Standing' in that both are good on the outside and bad on the inside and manage to make everyone around them believe they are good people. Both are also slightly psycho.

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