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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Charmaine Sheh's mood not affected by rumors

[Takungpao 31/10/2009]

Charmaine Sheh was planning to treat the cast and crew of [Beyond the Realm of Conscience] to dinner last evening but because there were clashes in her filming schedule, Susan Tse took the opportunity to host the dinner instead. Charmaine said she will have to wait for next round and joked that she should be quick.

As [Beyond] garnered good ratings and review 41 points peaking and average at 37 points, Charmaine was extremely happy and said: "This is a great result for 8:30pm slot. Wherever I go, there will be people discussing the series. Followers and people in supermarket even asked me about the upcoming plot. (A magazine recently exposed the endings of the main characters in the series, are you worried that this will affect the audience following?) It's common for magazines to write about the ending. But whether it's true or not, you will know when you reach the end. (Will you be executed?) I can't tell. (Or something similar?) I won't answer; otherwise Siu Ching Jie (producer) will scold me."

In addition, recently there's report indicating that Anita Yuen is still feeling bitter over Charmaine and Chilam Cheung’s rumor in the past. They claimed that Anita is trying to find ways to nail down Charmaine and treated her as an enemy. Charmaine laughed: "I don't know about the report, and I won't be bothered. Basically no news will affect my mood because I am now basking in [Beyond]'s happiness. Being able to hold celebration dinner twice in two weeks is the first in my acting career of more than 10 years. In addition, the cast worked well together." Another report said that Charmaine wants to fight for Best Actress Award and hence back-stabbed Tavia Yeung in front of the producer. Charmaine smiled and asked: "Stab with what? They really have rich imaginations. I didn't do such things. I won't damage my relationship with other people for the sake of award."

Related news translation from Mingpao:

Anita Yuen: No ill feelings toward Charmaine

Regarding reports that Anita Yuen is trying to nail down Charmaine Sheh with 3 tactics including refusing to share onscreen time with Charmaine in movie [72 Tenants] and fighting for the Best Actress Award, Anita explained that she did greet Charmaine during the costume tryout ceremony. She even teased Charmaine's character body figure as being shocking. As Charmaine was wearing a short dress, Anita shielded her to prevent her from exposing herself during the photo session. She said: "I don't know if the reporter dislikes one of us. I'd like to work with Charmaine if there is an opportunity. Her personality is straightforward and tomboyish; she is not flirty like people said. Based on our personalities, we should be friends. Otherwise we won't take picture for the movie poster together."

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