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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

[Beyond the Realm of Conscience] peaked at 41 points

Note: Contained some spoilers of episode 6

[Oriental Daily, The Sun, Apple Daily 28/10/2009]

The competition for TVB anniversary Best Actress award is getting more intense. '4th Mistress' Sheren Tang is under threat as [Beyond the Realm of Conscience] ratings continue to increase. Last week [Beyond] ratings reached average of 33 points, peaking at 35 points. Last evening (Monday) episode even averaged at 37 points, peaking at 41 points. The highest point of the episode came from the scene where Sam Ho, Kam Ling and Hin Yeung scared Madam Tsui into confessing her crimes by pretending to be ghosts.

'Lau Sam Ho' Charmaine Sheh feels very happy with the ratings result and thanked audiences for liking the series. "Though I'm busy filming, I will rewatch the series online as soon as I get back home, no matter how late it is. During filming outdoor scenes, people on the streets will ask me about the plot development. I refused to divulge and asked them to watch the series."

Asked if she would like to win Best Actress award again, she said: "When you are in a competition, of course you want to win. Whether you win or not, that's unpredictable. The most important thing is to enjoy the experience."

Regarding the news that Sheren Tang supports Teresa Mo while disregarded her and Tavia Yeung as strong competition for Best Actress award, Charmaine replied: "I don't know about it as I did not read the news. I watched all the nominated series, everyone did a good job. Sheren did a great job. My collaboration with Tavia is full of sparks, and Kenix Kwok's role in [Born Rich] is very refreshing. However, I won't give too much pressure on myself, I will be happy if any of us win. My biggest wish is to break ratings record of [Jewel in the Palace]."

On a side note, Hong Kong Broadcasting Authority received 4 complaints on [Beyond]. They complained that [Beyond] contained negative influence of backstabbing and copying from Korean series.

No repost.

Some audiences can be very 'mo liu' with their silly excuses.

Anyway, glad that [Beyond] ratings is doing well into 2nd week. Hope it will maintain a steady progress in subsequent weeks!

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