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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Backstage @ Naturade

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Credit to loving_you from

For those who have no access to, you can view the rest of the pics here.

Did I forget to mention how much I love Charmaine in this hairstyle? Lol... she took so many pics with the staff, her smile seems to froze liao...

Updated 30/7/2009: What's Charmaine been up to lately?

Fans must be wondering what's Charmaine doing lately. Overall, she's spending her leisure time shopping, hanging out with friend(s) and accompanying her mum. She did mention of going back to Hawaii during the Singapore TVB Star Tour 2009, but recently she's still in HK. She also recorded Dr Slump and You're Hired promo clips. Yes, [You're Hired] is going to air on TVB Jade starting Aug 10!

Some recent pics of her:


Shhh... no gossips please.

Have you visit Charmaine's TVB Blog today?


hyn5 said...

The first picture 好有 feel. Ha ha... :D

sehseh said...

Wonder if she have any new endorsement ads coming out... she usually take opportunity to earn money during her holiday break...

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