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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

《IQ博士》Dr Slump promo clip feat Charmaine

Clips credit to PikiPiki007 from youtube

Lookout for Charmaine singing Dr Slump theme in the promo clip above! Other artistes (which I recognize) are Myolie Wu, Chapman To, Kevin Cheng, Dayo Wong and Patrick Dunn.

Update: Added clip 2 on 20/7

Singaporean and Malaysian fans, have you found out about Charmaine's trip to Singapore coming Sunday? What are you waiting for? Click here for more details! Don't miss out the chance to see Charmaine!


hyn5 said...

Looks like TVB is going to re-air "Dr. Slump". That's cool.

Others include: Pakho Chau, ??? Sherman Chung, and William Chan.

There is a girl right after Pakho that see. :)

sehseh said...

Goes to prove that
1. I'm completely ignorant abt new generation of Cantopop singers
2. I'm getting old

hyn5 said...

Actually, Cantopop "sucks" so much now. :D
I don't know why EEG is promoting William Chan???

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