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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Forensic Heroes 2 recaps (episode 1-2)

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Note: I won't reveal too much, but please assume that all my recaps contain spoilers before proceeding. These are my personal opinions and are not to be reposted elsewhere.

After some hiccups on Tuesday (and not to mention furious sms-es with Rachel), I finally got my hands on FH2 rental disc yesterday. I'm a bit disappointed that the quality is not HD like [Drive of Life], nevertheless the prospect seeing Charmaine on-screen brightens my day.

Charmaine appeared very briefly in both episodes, around 15 minutes in total. Charmaine's Madam Ma entry is quite catchy, though not dramatic as Kevin's Ivan. For everyone's sake, let's just refer her as Belle in my recaps, ok?

So, Belle is the SIP officer of the Narcotic Bureau - cold, curt and a little anti-social. However it is also apparent that she is very competent and charismatic as she attracts the attention of Tim (Bobby) and Sam (Frankie) in her brief interactions with them at work. Siu Yau's team regard her as a witch because she always sound high and mighty above them - not to mention bruising their ego by beating their team to case information all the time. Honestly, I don't think Belle give a damn how her peers sees her anyway.

Maybe it's just me, but I do see some sparks fly between Belle and Sam in the morgue though not in a romantic way, more like a mutual empathy between them. But the biggest sparks in the series have to be the friction between Belle and Siu Yau. One is like ice, another is fire. Belle is the person who will calculate everything before striking, while Siu Yau is the type will take action first, ask later.

The first two episodes is interesting enough to keep audiences hooked but I wish TVB would pay more attention into their props and make up. First of all, the blood is so fake! It should be brighter as the blood is from jugular and definitely thicker in consistency. And the small findings in the cases - it's so obvious! It's like it's always in front of you but they were like "Voila! See I found a new evidence/sample etc". Audiences are not that short-sighted. And the motive behind the first murder case is absolutely absurd - over a dog? A D.O.G.?!

The other regulars from the first series such as Ting Ting (Linda), Siu Kong (Fred), Yvonne (Florence) and Shum (Raymond) are also back in the sequel. Ting Ting seems to be a little subdued this time, making it more bearable for me. I can't even describe the annoyance level of this character in the first series. Siu Kong, well is as cute as ever but he does look more mature - maybe it's his hairstyle. I really like Fred and I hope TVB will develop his character other than just being Siu Yau's baby brother.

TVB will be airing episode 4 today, and a repeat of episode 1-4 on Saturday for Mainland audiences who missed the broadcast. There will be no FH2 on Friday to make way for [Silver Chamber of Sorrows] finale. A lot of people won't be pleased because episode 4 will end at a major cliffhanger *hint hint*.

p.s. Erm, is Ben Wong (the actor who portrayed Jing Hung) really naked while filming the scanning scene? I was like: "Whoa, won't TVB getting complaints from HK audiences?" We can practically see every inch of his side profile apart from the most vital 'part'. Ahemm...


Speaking of re-airing, I'm sure Malaysian fans are rejoicing with [LWOLAP] currently aired on RTM2, 6:55pm. I'm quite surprised that RTM2 bought this series before NTV7 does.

Here are some wonderful artwork of trueyvonne from to freshen up our memory of Chun Mung Yiu:

Sehseh: If anyone read some strange news of Charmaine and Ron these two days, just brush it off with a laugh.

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