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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Charmaine Sheh clears accusation for Ron Ng

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[Mingpao 28/05/2008]

Earlier there were reports of Charmaine Sheh and Ron Ng are dating, saying that Charmaine generously presented him with watch and car. Because of this Ron was accused of spending a woman's money and he have not made any appearance nor clarify the rumors since it came out. Yesterday Charmaine attended a charity auction event held by 3D-Gold for UNICEF and said that there is no need to comment on the rumors.

Grieved by the earthquake, not celebrating birthday

Reporters asked why Charmaine is not commenting on the rumors and she smiled: "There is no need to comment. If there is anything to say, let it be related to today's event." Only when she hears Ron being accused of the nickname "eating soft rice", she said: "I want to clarify that there is no such thing." Are they normal friends? "We are colleagues and friends." Is Ron your cup of tea? "Sorry, I drink water", Charmaine joked.

Charmaine said that age doesn't matter when it comes to dating but she is concentrating on her career at the moment to earn more money. Isn't she considered a little rich lady in the entertainment circle? "I haven't earn enough money for retirement, there is still a long way ahead so I need to work harder. Plus, I still love acting."

They also asked about Charmaine's birthday celebration today. Charmaine feels that there's nothing worth celebrating this month. She will be attending [Forensic Heroes 2] promo event in the morning and have dinner with friends later. For her birthday wish, she hope the Sichuan earthquake victims will be able to rebuild their homes, the children can go back to school soon and smooth sailing for the Beijing Olympics. As FH2 first week ratings reached the average rating of 33 points, Charmaine expressed that she is very happy that she doesn't mind audiences complaining her looking fatigue under HD camera.

Additional translation from Wenweipo:

The UNICEF auction event was held to collect funds for Sichuan earthquake victims. Charmaine donated a set of diamond pendant to be auctioned. Lawyer David Tsang bought the pendant at $3800.

As FH2 receive good ratings and is considered the highest in recent year, Charmaine is very happy and said that she will be wearing a bikini to FH2 promo event today.

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Hehehe.. Charmaine giving witty answers again. They should stop writing such baseless rumor about her and Ron. They never appeared together in public after last year's rumor and the tabloid doesn't even have a picture of them together apart from functions pics from yesteryears.

Anyway, FH2 is going to have a promo today - it's a water event so expect the cast to be in swim wear. Charmaine might be wearing a bikini but knowing her, she'd probably wore a tank top or t-shirt over it. Oh yeah, and maybe a birthday cake too:

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kitty663_lily said...

I love charmaine sheh, she is so smart and beautiful. I cant really wait till the "palace scheme" comes out. who is Ron NG? Wasn't he dating Tavian yeung?

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