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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Fear Factor: The Rumor of Ron & Charmaine

Note: Again, I do not wish for this article to be posted in Asianfanatics forum. I'm only posting the translation here because I find the article far fetched (yet entertaining) and some of you might be curious what's the hoo-hah over the car ride rumor.

TVB Queen Charmaine Sheh was exposed dating actor Ron Ng

The above pic is not a scan from Zaobao, but instead from TVB Mag. Will elaborate later below.


Since entering showbiz, Charmaine Sheh has been rumored with Benny Chan, Joe Ma and Roger Kwok. Last month, [Suddenly Weekly] received secret information saying that Charmaine are having relationship with Ron, even using intoxication as an excuse to sit on his lap.

On 10th noon, a fellow resident reported seeing a makeup less Charmaine appearing in Ron apartment car park in Clear Water Bay Peninsula. Slightly past noon, reporters saw Ron Ng driving his Audi in Eastern Harbour Tunnel at the speed of 140kmph towards Hong Kong. At that time, the reporters only saw Ron driving alone.

Until the car passed Island Eastern Corridor, a shadow suddenly appeared from the back seat and quickly climbed to the front passenger seat. Afterward, they found out it was Charmaine. However, Charmaine was extra careful, each time they reach the traffic light, she alertly lower her body.

The car drove to HK – Macau harbor. After stopping for a few seconds, Ron went against parking rules to allow Charmaine to alight. They seem to be very secretive about their relationship. After Charmaine left the car, reporters immediately went up to take pictures next to the car. Ron was shocked and covered his face, and quickly drove home.

After Charmaine alight, she went to buy ferry ticket to Macau to film CNY movie [Beautiful Food Goddess]. When reporters asked who sent her to the harbor, she asked them: "What? Why?"

When she heard the reporter say that Ron sent her to the harbor, she quickly says "Of course not!" and excused herself, saying that she was in a hurry.

Ron: I'm just giving a lift for a colleague

After a few days, reporters asked Ron about this. He explained that both their outdoor filming location was quite near, and Charmaine was rushing to the harbor, so he just gave her a convenient lift on his car. He also added that he knew that reporters are following earlier.

However, when he heard reporters saying that Charmaine denied riding his car, Ron hesitated: "I think she was in a chaos… I don't know…"

When reporters asked where was his outdoor filming location, he hesitated again: "Erm.. Hong Kong."

About Charmaine hiding in his car and climbing to the frontseat, he said: "I'll have to see pictures, because I have no idea she climbed from the backseat! We knew each other for quite some time, colleagues meeting are not unusual!"

Though Ron said he was giving Charmaine a convenient lift, but when the reporters checked their schedule, they discovered that Charmaine worked from 9th to 10th 2.30am, while Ron already finished work at 8.00pm on 9th. In addition, both of them does not have work on the morning of 10th, therefore for Charmaine to appear at his car park was indeed suspicious, because Charmaine lives in North Point, there's no reason for her to go all the way to Tseung Kwan O to specifically find a colleague to drive her to Hong Kong.

- end -

Sehseh: Lol... after reading the whole article, I thought I was reading a scene from Fear Factor! Wah... got car chase, stunts and hiding left and right. Haha... maybe the reporter worked as scriptwriter previously. Can you imagine it? Climbing to the frontseat in a moving car, at the speed of 140kmph?! I don't even dare execute that stunt in 80kmph for goodness sake. And the reporters think they could get away without pictures for proof.

I sort of understand Ron and Charmaine's reaction when reporter questioned them. Being no strangers (pun not intended) to rumors, they would have feel wary of the reporter's intention before answering. Anyway, below are some alleged evidence of their working schedule, courtesy to

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at

Btw, I'm not posting these pics for proofs lah... just want to tie in with the TVB mag scan above. The schedule is for [Drive of Life] filming. Charmaine and Ron does not have much scenes together, except for one scene, which is a court scene above. They have different storyline and Ron's onscreen partner is Toby Leung, hence we can cross off the possibility of this news as series publicity.

Another interesting information is that we could see other characters' names like Joe, Mary and Benz Hui's. My eyes are a bit squinty now, I'll try to look more closely at home.

p.s. So sehseh, this rumor is fake? Duh, of course! Fans of both sides don't need to worry, from their recent reply to the press, there is zero possibility of them being together.

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