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Friday, August 10, 2007

Stanley Kwan to produce TVB Calendar 2008

[The Sun 10/08/2007]

Director Stanley Kwan is going to be the Creative Director for TVB's artiste calendar next year. In conjunction with TVB 40th anniversary celebration, Stanley Kwan plans to re-enact classic TVB scenes on the calendar, for example the Shanghai Bund scene on Man Chor Street. In addition of building a filming set on the hills behind TVB City, Stanley will be taking the crew to Taiwan for outdoor scenes as well. It was reported that TVB plans to include popular Taiwan actor; Mike He into the calendar as well.

As for the monetary reward from this project, Stanley Kwan plans to donate them to charity organizations.

[Oriental Daily 10/08/2007]

This year is TVB 40th Anniversary celebration; therefore there will be a string of promotional activities. First of them is to invite renowned director Stanley Kwan to be the creative director for TVB artiste calendar 2008. Apart from shooting outdoor scenes in Taiwan, actor Mike He (from Taiwan) will be added into the calendar, challenging the status of the siusangs.

Last year, TVB invited Thailand photography team to shoot the artiste's calendar and the feedbox is very good. Therefore it was predicted that they would be putting more attention this year. Through Stanley Kwan's unique vision, TVB hope it will brought new changes in their artistes' image, raising them to a higher level.

It was reported that Stanley have earlier brought his team to Taiwan to survey the sceneries there. With such rare chance of him working for TVB, he might donate the fees for charity.

Re-enacting classic scenes

When asked to verify this news, Stanley admitted that he have known TVB production resources executive Virginia Lok for many years and therefore he have accepted TVB’s invitation. He disclosed that they have already decided on the main theme. In conjunction of TVB 40th anniversary celebration, they plan to represent TVB future outlook on the calendar. In addition, they will be also 're-enacting' classical scenes from TVB series, such as the Shanghai Bund scene on Man Chor street. They will be building a filming set on the hills behind TVB City as well. They will also go to Taiwan to shoot outdoor sceneries (to represent 4 months out of the whole calendar). He is now awaiting the participating artistes' list from TVB before creating their special image.

Kindly give due credit if reposted.

Sehseh: Mike He, or more known as "Xiao Mei", have signed to TVB last year and concentrate mainly in filming idol series in Taiwan. He is one of the most popular idol actors in Taiwan. According to resources in Kuangai TVB, he is currently managed by Tina (Charmaine's manager).

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