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Monday, July 31, 2006

Mike He joining TVB?

Translation credits to xbunnylicious and asianfanatics.

"Because of popular manga turned series, Devil Beside You, Mike He became very famous in Taiwan. Under the invitation of TVB, he secretly came to Hong Kong for two days and met with two high executive producers Catherine Tsang and Tommy Leung. It is said that TVB has signed with 22 year old Mike to film a series. He is ready to have a significant 'threat' to the heavily promoted 'Four Siu Sungs' - Ron Ng, Kevin Cheng, Bosco Wong, and Raymond Lam!

TVB's 'Four Siu Sungs' has been very busy, accepting series after series. TVB had the intentions to push them into the music industry to make them multi-talented entertainers. But because they are already loaded with work, TVB had no choice but to look outside the boundary.

Mike He is only 22 years old this year and when compared to the four siu sangs, he wins. Earlier when the 'Beijing News' held a '50 Most Beautiful People in China' poll, Mike achieved 5th place. Winning Takeshi Kaneshiro, he is the top Taiwan artist on the list.

In Devil Beside You, Mike had plenty of kiss scenes with the actress. Therefore mainland fans has selected him as the 'best ideal match' and was appointed as expert in kissing by fans. His other series Express Boy has been broadcasted in Japan earlier. He was noticed by Bae Yong Joon's Japan manager and said to be named as 'BYJ's apprentice' to enter the Japanese market.

Taiwan idols really can't be neglected. After F4 from Meteor Garden, Ming Dao from Prince Turned Frog, and Mike He, there comes Dylan Kuo from The Outsiders and Joe Cheng from It Started With a Kiss. It is said that TVB wants to broadcast It Started With a Kiss on a paid channel, but a lot of Joe Cheng fans in Hong Kong kept sending complaints to TVB. They requested the series to air on the Jade Channels. Because of the popular demand, TVB plans to air it next year on the Jade Channels.

In Taiwan, TVB has spotted Mike He earlier and signed him under TVBS. Back to Mike's visit to Hong Kong, he was immediately sent to TVB City to film a clip for commemoration hoping to find a role that suits him for a new series."

Sehseh: If you rarely watched Taiwanese idol drama, or never keep a tab on their current entertainment news (that will be me :P), it's not unusual if you barely knew of Mike He's existence. Until one fateful night last month, it was suddenly pouring while I'm going back home. So, I decided to take shelter at a nearby cafe and ordered some hot drinks. The TV in the cafe was showing an entertainment show on TVBS and Mike He was the guest on the show.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usI had zero idea who he was back then but I can't help but notice how good looking he was. He is one of the prettiest boy I ever see on-screen. I've never watched 'Devil Beside You', therefore I can't comment on the acting. Imagine my excitement when I read this news today. More eye candy in TVB series ;)

On the other hand, HK reporters had a field day interviewing and speculating what the TVB Four Siusangs thought of their potential new co-worker (plus rival). You can read the news translation at
Em's. TVB is lacking of lead actors anyway, thus I don't think Mike is really a threat to them.

Anyway, I think this is a one-off contract with TVB. I wonder what type of series TVB have in store for him. Will they be cashing in on his popularity by filming idol series? The last I remember, TVB idol series is a big flop (something about 4 leaf clover, not sure). Or will they include him in the new 60 episode Fung Wan Sui Yuet? Think they did mention something about shooting in Taiwan... Hehehe... Just some speculation.

Some brief info on Mike He:

Name: Mike He Jun Xiang 贺军翔
DOB: 28th December 1983
Height: 180cm (minimum requirement for nowadays male idol)


Funn Lim said...

I don't know who he is, I don't care who he is, as long he is really 180cm as reported, I welcome him to TVB. Anyway it has always been this way with Taiwanese and even Korean heart throbs. they must be tall.

But isn't he a bit too young to be paired with the Ah Jies?

By the way right now I am only familiar with Ming Dao and seeing him as a member of a pop group band surprises me which means how little I know of him. Maybe post some songs sung by him perhaps?

sehseh said...

Songs? You mean by Ming Dao? You can check out the Magicians of Love OST I posted. He's of of the 183Club member.

If you meant Mike He, as far as I know, ermm... he doesn't have a knack for singing and fans do think he should stay away from singing career at the moment *cough*cough*

Not sure abt the Ah Jies, maybe TVB will pair him up with some newbie MHK.

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