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Friday, April 06, 2007

Filming in Beijing Part 3

'Freezing' date

Clip credit to

I don't know what is the temperature in Beijing in late March but it looks like they're freezing! Haha... Charmaine's all wrapped up in her white jacket while Ray's best friend is the heat pack in his hand!

***More exclusive pics from here and here.

Sorry, due to some exclusivity problem, I could only post a few here for sample. I know some will think: Who cares anyway, some other sites does it and no one will know. I don't want to, and I really try my best to respect the owners. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. (Cough~ cough~ Sehseh being preachy)

More pictures of this scene credit to Raymond Forest and Fung Bar:

Charmaine and Raymond arguing scene

Clip credit to

Above was an argument scene where Ray have to pull the bracelet off Charmaine's wrist. They have to film the scene over and over again until the clip above where Charmaine teased the director to think how he want to film first. Kekeke...

For more clips of the scene above, watch them at the links below:

Night filming

Clip credit to

After arguing, it's common that lovers make up and apologize later. They filmed this late at night and it's so cold and windy! Brr...

**Full exclusive pictures from here.

Credit to Raymond Forest.

Windy walk

Clip credit to efeey from

Another scene of Charmaine and Ray discussing. I wonder why so many of these strolling scenes. Sigh... It was a windy day, so couldn't hear their conversation, only the annoying sound of the billowing wind!

More clips:

Again, for more exclusive pictures, please visit at this Link.

Here's also some filming pics of the park scene last week. Credit to 丁丁 from Raymond Forest:

I have posted loads of pics featuring the scene above in my previous post(s). You can check them out at the links below:
Update link 1
Update link 2

Myolie and Feng Shao Feng

Clip credit to

The clip above look so sweet, with Myolie adjusting Shao Feng's cufflinks.

More clips:

Images credit to

Feng Shao Feng pics, credit to

By the way... I heard that [Drive] filming crew have again prohibited fans visiting the set. It wasn't a good news to us but at least the filming won't be hindered. Hehe... I'm still counting for a picture or two to be leaked out from time to time. Here's some 'sneak' pictures taken of Charmaine at Geely University (Geely is mainland automobile manufacturer, the workers have taken a lot of pics during their last visit).

Credit only to

That should be about the [Drive] update for now. I've posted some clips from the official site below, plus some on set pictures therefore it is a good idea to have a look. The clips below are funny and definitely worth the loading time!

p.s. Charmaine is going to Taiwan on the 18th this month to promote [Maiden's Vow].

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